The ugly German

January 5, 2007 at 6:16 pm | Posted in Comedy, Entertainment, German | 2 Comments

I’ve got the dreaded lurgy, and hence wasn’t very productive today. Also won’t be too productive on the blog work today (with the exception of posting comments). Just a brief introduction of Horst Schlämmer, Germany’s latest top notch comedian. The new star is actually an old one, it’s Hape Kerkeling performing as the lead journalist of a fictitious provincial newspaper. As such, he is another reincarnation of The Ugly German. In the spot below, he is trying to make a move on Claudia Schiffer during Germany’s flagship TV show Wetten dass. While the audience seems to know him well, she has apparently no idea of currentg German TV idols and seems to take offence… I guess her PR manager wasn’t delighted.


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  1. claudia schiffer ist so eine aseptische kuh. man kann sich gar nicht vorstellen, dass die gv vollziehen kann. oder ganz normal kackt oder so.

  2. nee, net wirklich 🙂 dafür sind von heidi klum ungeschminkt schoene bilder in der Intouch, die dem ollen grinsepanzer ma ne andere dimension geben.


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