These four words don’t rhyme in English

January 7, 2008 at 12:17 am | Posted in Language | 5 Comments
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Makes you think – why three colours? And this one doesn’t rhyme in German:

Mensch (man, meaning mankind)


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  1. Wow! These words really got me thinking… And I am frantically trying to get any of the limited words that i know to rhyme with any one of them…

    Is this a fact you read some where? Or just an observation?

  2. I read it somewhere and it was presented as a fact – I am just stunned at the number (as German only has this one non-rhymable word)

  3. door hinge and orange

  4. Pretzel I can’t believe not one website says that

  5. sorry to rain on the parade, but:
    orange: Blorenge, a hill in Wales
    silver: chilver, a female lamb
    purple: curple, the hindquarters of a horse
    month: oneth, as in the one hundred and oneth time…it is also commonly used in fractions

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