To All You Hate Bloggers Out There

December 22, 2007 at 2:25 am | Posted in Blogging | 2 Comments
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In particular those who are trying to leave abusive comments on this site:


If you post misogynist, racist, white race supremacist, or otherwise abusive messages on this blog, I will delete them and put you on the black list.

If you feel the need to rid yourself of such thoughts, please continue to do so elsewhere, ideally on the sites where those ideas originated.

What did the hate bloggers write on this blog?

Some suggested that all countries should set up their own Guantanamo camps, some that I be sent there. Others demanded that all women who haven’t/won’t/can’t give birth to a child have forfeited their right to existence. The suggestion was made that I’d better kill myself.

Such outbursts confirm that the use of racist, misogynist etc language and ideas – no matter how ironically and witty the people first circulating those ideas might have intended them – only furthers the prevalence of racism, misogynism, etc in our society.

The irresponsible intellectual uses them, the retards dumb them down and spread them.


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  1. you should publish them all. Not as their own comments, obviously, but as a quote in your blog posts. I think it would be hilarious 😛

    Techcrunch always publicise any threatening emails they receive (mostly those threatening with lawsuits and such), and I have done this in the past with annoying, emotionally blackmailing emails from my friend K.

    Techcrunch story (worth a read):

  2. Most of them are pretty funny indeed. My first reflex after assessment was to simply delete them, and so I did, but it probably makes sense.

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