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This is one cool shop in Cologne to satisfy the needs of all post-adolescent females who support a Hello-Kitty habit!

Red Rabbit Fashion

Red Rabbit Fashion
Händelstr. 37
D-50674 Köln

Teenagers may waste their money, too (but they shouldn’t!).

No, I don’t know the owner and she is not paying me for this link.

But lest I forget, I know the owner of this shop!


His name is Thor and he started the Internationale Körnerstraßenfest on Körnerstraße in Cologne. Whether you need a gift for a friend, a colleague or a complete stranger – you can be sure to find something perfect there that you can also afford (provided they belong to or secretly sympathise with the arty-farty but impoverished crowd).

Special offer of the week: “Folding scissors”, made in China, for just € 1,50!

gemischtwaren.com, Koernerstr. 68, D-50823 Cologne, Germany

I’m a Wikipedian now

January 18, 2007 at 6:08 pm | Posted in Internet, Plagiarism, Web 2.0, Wikipedia | 1 Comment

Logo WikipediaWoo yay! Alright, nothing to be proud of really… Today I edited my first article on Wikipedia. I wasn’t particularly bold or prolific, just added a link from the William Blake article to one on one of his paintings, The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in the Sun, which is crucial to the plot of both the Red Dragon film and novel.

I submitted precisely that information and introduced an additional subcategory, Blake in Film and Literature, to the main article as I wasn’t sure where exactly my contribution would fit in and nothing much on ‘Blake and Posterity’ was to be found there. I hope not all new Wikipedians start by adding new categories at will 😛

It’s fairly easy to come to grips with the Wikipedia mark-up, certainly if you know a bit of HTML. Do I feel any different now that I’ve become part of the smart mob that my students’ papers feed on? I was about to write ‘hardly so’ but then realized in the same breath that the article on smart mobs was just a stub*. And a proper one on ‘smart mob’ itself (singular) dos not even exist (The Smart Mobs page is about a a book by ole’ Howard Rheingold clicky – I didn’t realize he looked like a senior citizen from Florida!). Maybe that’s my first challenge coming there 😉

*: A stub is an article that is too short to provide encyclopedic coverage of the subject, but not so short as to provide no useful information. Wikipedia

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