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Renata SaleclAnd there goes another post triggered by my recent quest to explore the public persona of Slavoj Žižek. I’ll stay comfortably on the surface of things, like a tabloid, to leave the rest to your own imagination. I can’t come up with a coherent story about Žižek’s wives, I couldn’t even find out whether he was married two or three times. What difference would it make anyway? According to Wikipedia, he married the second time in 2004, according to Rebecca Mead in The New Yorker, he was already divorced twice in 2003.

The top right image shows his first or second wife Renata Salecl, Professor at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Law Institute of Criminology, Centennial Professor at the department of law at the London School of Economics and a visiting scholar to various institutions (Duke University, Berliner Wissenschaftskolleg, New School for Social Research, to name a few). She has written and co-edited a number of publications, alone and with Žižek, and she is very attractive.

In 2004, Žižek, the psycoanalytic philosopher, married a woman by the name of Analia Hounie (sorry, couldn’t keep the emphasis to myself), who is also very attractive, yet in a different way (see pictures). She is a (then) 26-year old model from Argentina, and according to some “the daughter of a major Lacanian thinker and a very serious scholar herself” [I-Cite].

Ruflan via K-Punk writes about her as “Zizek’s new adquisition: the intellectual model”:

Someone was wondering if she’s a genius or something like that. Well, she is. And she is not.
She is: she’s a literature student and she married Zizek. (eeek) anyway, when the old man dies he’ll leave her a really important book collection.
She is not: i’m actually a literature student and the thing is i got to be sitting with her in the same class room several times. Legally blonde.

Zizek WeddingSee how a story is beginning to form in your head? No further comment from my side… I do, however, not want to withhold the wedding photograph from you, also courtesy I-Cite, with which she raised the question:

“Is tabloid coverage good for materialist, psychoanalytic, philosophy?”

Read the comments on I-Cite’s blog, they are entertaining.

(EDIT: Word on the street has it Žižek has already divorced Houni and hooked up with a blonde Harvard student – 2009-05-16)


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  1. lustig. was findest du denn an seinem privatleben so packend?

  2. nicht sein privatleben – die public persona, die sich zusammensetzt aus schnipseln über den theoretiker und den ehemann. finde es spannend, was sich da für teile zusammensetzen – der cutting edge philosoph und psychoanaltische denker und zugleich der alte sack, der ein model pimpert… wenn man sich die story so zusammen setzen will, für den effekt…

  3. How about this for public persona: a few years back Zizek wrote the intro and picture captions for that year’s Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue.

  4. Yes, I heard of that (or simply read it in Wikipedia, I think?) – I quite like that, although I doubt that this was a regular copy writing job. One should find out whether he was featured as guest writer in the catalogue or not. If he was, I wouldn’t like the idea as much as I would if he wasn’t.

  5. The scary thing was that he seemed to do it on voluntary basis. His justification, actually even more shocking (since true), was that there was no discernable difference between writing this crap for A&F and writing for US academia and for lecture tours. He said he saw no difference between the money he made from both. In times of an increasing corporatization of universities that is actually a very true (albeit pragmatic) statement.

  6. I think that he’s probably right with his comment, at least for the aspect that both profession might demand from you to sell out, the good thing about copy writing being that at least it is honest… and I just wanted to add “but it’s problematic if Abercrombie & Fitch use him as a marketing argumemnt”… howeber, if you look at the annoying example of the European Graduate School, then we see exactly this thing happening… apparently the EGS students witnessed Zizek and his Argentinian wive on a skiing tour (no idea how that was possible in the summer, but that’s what someone write on i-Cite’s blog)

    • Except…consider the consumer being targeting by the highly sexualized A&F ads & propaganda. The target A&F customer: imostly teen girls & boys — read the inside flap of their shopping bags next chance you get — versus US academia. Big difference.

  7. Yeah, Zizek! Analia is very pretty and smart(Zizek wouldn’t marry some stupid girl with small-town mentality)

  8. Word on the street is the marriage with la chica is over. Maybe we had a sign in the wedding pic? Both look, errr, somewhat haggard and less than overjoyed.

  9. ah, which street is that? interesting:)

  10. =) The streets of Chicago. Several of my friends have seen the Zizek roaming around with an enigmatic blonde, also young and strikingly beautiful. How does the old man do it? Rumor has it that he’s no longer married to the Argentinian and the blond is a graduate student he met at Harvard.

  11. How does he do it – being an international superstar for intellectuals seems to suffice!

  12. Zizek is right here achieving what according to him is the reason why man are interested in beautyfull women – others talk about it. According to Zizek a man alone with Cindy Crawford would not be very attracted, because there is no one there to talk about. Funny

  13. Isn’t that a reinstallation of the Oedipal triangle, btw?

  14. I’ve seen them too! 😉 She’s at U of C. I know a bunch of people who know her. Supposed to be very smart, and yes very beautiful.

  15. Another young, female genius lost…

  16. I sometimes think that someone should write a post about the after-life of posts: how, sometimes, years down the road, an old thread will resume life. In this way Zizek’s marriage is made permanent, however after the fact. 😉

  17. Yes, it is interesting – if only I had the time…

  18. Yes my Guy Etay is friends with the dame [edited]

    It is not to be disputed that she is mighty attractive. I do not know the details of the relationship however. I have learned that she is with another guy at Chicago (university) so it seems the relationship is not exclusive.

  19. Yeah I admit to this. I have a friend of friend who is friends with [edited]. (I heard about this post through Facebook.)
    She is gorgeous, and reported to be frightening, in terms of brilliance, though no one has heard of her as of late.
    is she anywhere to be found in Chicago?

  20. hi,

    sorry to post this here, but i couldn’t find an email to reach you by on this site. i’m actually the ### they’re talking about. i’m not any longer in a relationship with slavoj and haven’t been for some time.

    would you mind removing these last posts, the ones with my name and everything? it’s just embarrassing and could cause problems in my life…

    i’d so much appreciate it!


  21. @Steve currently she is not in Chicago. she’s on vacation… Mackinac Island. Just kiddin’, this is so funny. In a way …. 🙂

    PS: Don’t believe the hype – never ever 🙂

  22. Why is marrying beautiful women such a big deal to you people? You’re all idiots. You don’t marry a person to find a debate partner, so why do you think she has to be “intellectually active”? You gossiping morons should get back to the quarry because I need gravel for my drive way, and it’s not going to grind itself.

    And by the way, Zizek is a terrifically shitty philosopher. Structuralism. My God. What a pile of crap. Just wait a couple of years for the fad to pass, and the armchair intellectuals to move on to their next fixation.

    • @Bob – Anyone who gets hundreds of articles on his work seems to be more influental than shitty

      You might want to think about hiring someone for that drive way, or marry yourself. Hope she has big hands 🙂

    • Bob,

      You’re arrogant and wrong. Or, your arrogance is the key to why you’re wrong here. Structuralism? Zizek mentions structuralism sometimes, but nobody would call him a structuralist. Marxist yes, psychoanalyst sure, but not a structuralist.

      Gossip is relevant to philosophy. Like it or not.

  23. i would marry him too if i were not 33 and average looking! he is a genius and when he speaks i get chills! his politics and philosophies are sexy .

    • Must be his speech ipediment:-) giving you the chills. Have you seen HIM? He’s not exactly gorgeous himself. And I do quite agree with Bob, at least about the faulty philosophy part. He is entertaining though, even more so if you listen to him in his mothertongue,Slovenian. Uses all manner of politically incorrect words/phrases. High added value in terms of cheap entertainment. For me, he is a real-life conglomerate of all Woody Allen literary and film male characters.

      • If I could like a comment, I would like this one:) Saw him once enteratin an audience of approx 150 in German – your description hits the nail.

  24. but he, too, is so – if not less than – average looking. why shouldn’t his wife be?

    • a man with such powerful values who can stun and inspire the listener with his speech should have a woman by his side just as stunning. i couldnt stir desire in a man such as trying to figure out how to put my picture up on this thread.

  25. because a man whose speech can stun and inspire deserves and equally stunning and inspiring “beauty” at his side.

  26. I don’t quite see why you seem to reserve “stunningness in men” to their intellect, and “stunningness in women” to the outer appearance. Or rather, I think this is a rather boring way of thinking about stunningness in men and women. Yawn!

    • i did not reply to this thread to stimulate you or keep you entertained and awake.
      true my views on what makes a woman beautiful and what makes a man desirable are unpopular and not at all “feminist” …..I am a woman who thinks like a man. My point was originally to give praise to Slavoj Zezik whom I find incredibly sexy….

  27. They are neither unpopular nor antifeminist, they are simply mainstream, bland and boring. Now, what would Zizek say – do you think Zizek would approve? I doubt it. Unless he is less rad as it would seem.

  28. Wow, truly guttersnipe journalism!

  29. Wow is correct.I mean to say this in the sense of who cares about this washed up man.

  30. Da delate…

    EDIT (moderator): Could you repost this in English?

  31. […] has called for a return to Communism, he’s not afraid to be unfashionable or contrary; he also married a model and has written advertising copy in a 2003 catalogue for deliberately provocative fashion chain […]

  32. I went to a talk by Zizek in Le Mans. I must say he can be a dazzling speaker.
    So yes, it could really impress a girl.

  33. Calm down… and try to use more intelligently Slavoj Zizek’s mind, thoughts and spirit in order to help see a « grand » other view, an other perspective from an other part of a bloody disgusting reality.

  34. Zizek is like school in the summer time people.

  35. […] scientific methodology, his “pseudo-leninist ramblings” and the fact that he once used to date a 27 year-old Argentinian model. But how does Zizek stand against the truly “great” minds of Western philosophy? Here […]

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