Yay! I predicted a Viral Video trend!

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Seems like scrutinizing the Viral Video chart twice a week is finally paying off (on the level of my analytic capabilities, that is)! In January I wondered whether the bunny rabbit meltdown had already made it into the viral video chart – it hadn’t but now it has finally entered. It’s #9 as we speak – of course it needed Easter to make it break through:-)

And just when I thought that ‘LIVE’ was a dead concept…

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… there comes another niche that has previously eluded me (or rather: that I deliberately ignored –> information overflow).

Youtube thinks of launching Live Video in 2008 (Pop17) | Yahoo Live – Live Video Service | Ustream – Live Video Service | BlogTv – idem | Operator11 – idem | Justin TV – notable Life Caster

Godammit. How to keep track (or why)?

Looks Like Indian Voters in the US Are Behind Obama

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Accha, accha, accha, accha, accha, accha – which song or movie was the source for this film? Lallopallo, Nova – can you help? I am sure this will do for the US Indian community what Will.i.am’s Obama video did for white intellectuals.

Thanks to Cabbage for posting about this!

Lilshowstoppa – Media Competency at the Margins of Society (?)

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I don’t have much time to blog today, but I’ll leave this for your consideration. What do you think: Is it a fake (i.e has somebody with more media competency prompted this girl to do this as a skit in front of the camera) or has media competency finally reached the margins of society (and to which avail)?

We’ve Got a Meme: The Dramatic Animal

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One of my favourite web micro-narratives – the ‘Dramatic Look‘, which generated a few remixes, but not a real meme – is now on the verge of evolving: Enter ‘Dramatic Lemur‘ (watch with sound only).

UPDATE: The meme is gaining momentum – her is the Dramatic Prairie Cat (not as funny, but…) EDIT: That’s the tough thing about memes: The first time you see them they come across as soooo fresh and then you realize the Prairy Cat is more than half a year old. Need to think about the redefinition of ‘NEWS’ that this implies…

Porn Becoming Mainstream in Webvideos? (At the Occasion of the Invention of Smurf Porn)

January 30, 2008 at 9:17 am | Posted in Porn, video | 5 Comments
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It’s not as though it’s breaking news that our visual culture has become increasingly sexed up – yet it is kind of irritating that moving images of people engaging in sexual actions have become part of the web folklore. Yes, we’ve all heard of or seen Two Girls One Cup – which is certainly fake, yet aesthetically still falls into the porn category. The latest movie that is now being blogged about is Smurf porn: Real people dress up as Smurfs (i.e. paint themselves blue, put on white hats) and start romping about. The cast: Smurfette, two regular smurfs, Papa Smurf and Gargamel. Here is the link: You need to copy and paste it if you want to see it, and yes, it really is porn, so don’t watch it in the office or in the presence of minors:* http://www.redtube.com/8399 At least it gives a lot of people a good pretext for watching porn: “I just wanted to see the smurfs!” (At least that was my lame excuse:-)

I wonder whether Donnie Darko inspired them to do this movie? Here is the scene in which Donnie and his friends talk about the sexual life of Smurfs (no saucy scenes included!):

*It IS porn, but not very well done. The art direction sucks – two smurfs take their hats off (which spoils their costume of course), also Gargamel should have stayed partly dressed to not ruin the impression, and they really should have used blue condoms. If it’s to be a real smurf, it’s got to be all blue, from head to toe.

BTW: I wonder whether these movies are manually removed from the viral video chart?

Knowing Languages Is Bad for Good Laughs

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On Realpop, I read about the latest “The Downfall” meme: Take the scene from The Downfall in which Hitler/Bruno Ganz learns that Steiner couldn’t gather enough forces to attack and add new subtitles to it, changing The Downfall of Hitler to The Downfall of HDVD or The Downfall of the Cowboys. While Ganz’ acting features the theatrical type of speech that is known from Hitler speeches – and which is on a phonetic level sufficiently close to Chaplin’s idiom as Hynkel in The Great Dictator – it is certainly good material for being subtitled. Too bad though that the trick won’t work if you know German: It’ impossible to shut out and not understand the words of your mother tongue:-(

This is spooky – yet I Approve!

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Anonymous’ message to Scientoloy (currently #2 in the viral video chart):

And this is freaking hilarious!

More web 2.0 dirt (and it’s old, too)

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While I do think that I am pretty well wired to the interwebs, the occasional fad does escape me. The Numa Numa Lip synching fad, for instance. I didn’t even know the classic Numa Numa impression by a guy called Gary Broisma.

And since I stopped listening to the radio some years ago (why? Austria has got fm4 – what else do you need?), I was also (at least consciously) unaware of the existence of the song featured in that vid: Dragostea Din Tei. Not a song one needs to be worried about having missed, yet I have a terrible propensity towards getting carried away by songs with ear-tingling rhythms, no matter how foreseeable they are. This does, of course, make me a dupe of the culture industries, and of Dragostea Din Tei, but hey, dancing is good for the soul and the body, so I am not even trying to restrain myself.

I deeply understand Gary’s enthusiasm.

This video below is my favourite of all Numa Numa versions (after having watched Gary for half a dozen times). My favourite lines are “Graze the flesh there” and “Ragu sledding yay”:

Youtube goes down

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…and fundamentally so – and while I was busy playing with that nifty “convert youtube to quicktime” online application on vixy.net (not a good name to venture into the German market, btw, as a “Wichser” – pronounced vixa – is a, eh, wanker).

Youtube down

And that I guess is also the reason why you cannot see any of the vids in the previous post. I hope they are going to recover without any losses – what a sadness that would be, if all thoses videos, both generated for online audiences and the TV and video gems of the olden days, suddenly disappeared from the screens of the world for good.

Update: And there it is again!

Viral Video Digest: Bunnies and Masses in Motion

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This is a strangely fascinating movie about the execution of one, two, three chocolate bunnies. Was it in the viral video chart in the past? If not, it has the potential to make it – and to find tons of emulators as well. Remixes are already on Youtube.

Here is one that’s currently #2 in the viral video chart – amazing material. And although it’s all different people, it kind of makes you worry how fast life might go by.

Here is #3 – again people as the visual material, reminding one inevitably of Siegfried Kracauer’s “Ornament der Masse” (The Mass ornament). Whether it’s synchronized swimming or military parades or this viral video: Mankind seems not to can get enough of seeing its kind move as one body.

4 Girls Finger Paint: Summary & Critique

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Who’d have thought: The internet burped and yanked out was yet another shock scat video. The name already gives it’s story line away: Four girls. Finger paint.

I watched it. It’s not worth seeing. Here is the summary so that you won’t have to watch it (scroll down for URL if you think you must follow the trend anyway):

Two girls kneel on the floor, holding a third one down who is lying on her back with her feet raised to meet her ears. A fourth girl squats over the one lying down and takes a shit right on top of the other’s poophole (the feces do not look real – if they are that lady must have a problem with her intestines). Then she licks it from her ass. Then she vomits on top of the mess. Then they all huddle together and paint circles on each other’s belly using the, er, ‘edible’ finger paint. In the great finale, one throws up, using the other’s throat as a bucket.

That’s it. I covered the screen with my fingers to block out the more unpleasant parts because I don’t think I need to expose my soul to all the shit that’s flying around. I am easily offended by such things, but nonetheless I wasn’t nearly as shocked as I feared I would be. If you consider it one big stunt it’s bearable: If you consider, for instance, that if the pooping one had had a proper enema administered before the insertion of the chocolate mousse (with flakes:-) into her colon, the whole thing would hardly be less hygienic than kissing someone who hasn’t brushed his or her teeth in three days (I actually think that the latter would be worse).

What’s more interesting here: Filming reaction videos to shock videos seems to have become a favorite pastime among the digital semi-natives – and because people love it so much, there is hardly going to be an end put to the trend. With this one now, I think we can be fairly sure that it is NOT the case that this is a popular porn genre – but rather that it is a genre of its own: not meant to please people with a peculiar organization of their libido, but to shock people who like getting shocked and make a video of themselves, showing their devastation.

More shock videos will emerge, so what. My favorite, very hyperbolic (because it it is part of his business to be hyperbolic) reaction video is that from celebrity blogger and queen of all media Perez Hilton. You need to watch it with sound.


The original video is to be found at 4 girls finger paint dot com. You type in the URL if you really want to see it. It’s not worth it.

More summaries of recent shock videos:
Two girls one cup
Two girls one finger

Two Girls One Finger – a Plot Summary

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Internet viewers are still in a state of catatonia after Two Girls One Cup, and here is the next shock video: Two Girls One Finger. The craze follows the same principle: Few sources let you know what it’s about, but loads of people put up reaction videos. Here are a few attempts of a plot summary, so that you’ll know what it’s about without having to watch it yourself:

Q: Does anyone have a good explanation of two girls one finger.com, similar to the explanation for the one with the cup?… so I know what I’m getting myself into?
A: umm, just think about how penguins feed their babies. [Note: Penguins feed their babies with regurgitated food they have stored previously in their stomach – I suppose this means that 2G1F involves even more puking than 2G1C – Source is deleted]

The “Two Girls One Finger” video is pretty much all of the same scenes from Two Girls One Cup. Same ‘fun’, same ‘substances’, 2 more girls, minus the infamous ‘cup’. The only real difference is, that the stars are Japanese girls, and the soundtrack is set to Yodeling music, opposed to classical music featured on the Two Girls One Cup video. Still, I don’t think the music matters considering the images burned into my brain forever and ever now. [Source]

As if the chaos created by “Two Girls and One Cup” video was not enough we now have competition of sorts on hand. There is a new video that has just hit Youtube. It is called Two Girls One Finger video and this is similar in flavor(pun intended) to the stuff in the 2 Girls 1 Cup video. It is equally disgusting like the ” 2 Girls and 1 Cup video” if not more. [Source]

Watch this reaction on Youtube to hear a bit of the soundtrack of Two Girls One Finger – yodeling and sounds that could have emanated from a water hose.

I ain’t gonna watch this one either…

Two Girls One Cup – a Plot Synopsis

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Jetsam wrote about the web video Two Girls One Cup which stopped him from touching his breakfast. He did, however, not mention what it was about, which of course only fueled my interest. Nasty thing that it seemed to be, I watched some of the youtubed reactions of people watching the video first,*) and then decided I didn’t need this. Don’t underestimate the power of images and what they can do to you.

But I still wanted to know what exactly it was about. I managed to retrieve some plot synopses and later my boyfriend, who was bold enough to watch it, confirmed that they are more or less accurate. Two Girls One Cup is a scat porn movie. The summaries differ a bit, so I’ll post them all:

It’s about 2 girls like making out at first, then 1 girls takes a poop in a cup and then they both start licking at it, then one girls stick her finger down her throat and starts puking it up into the cup, then both girls start eating the vomit poop. [Yahoo Answers]

Disgusting movie on the web. Two girls start licking each others chests, followed by one of the girls filling a pint glass with her own feces. The movie goes on to show BOTH girls licking and sucking at the contents of the cup. Later, one girl has a fine specimen that she squirts out of her mouth a few times before swallowing. THEN the girls start pulling the trigger and puking in each others mouths! WORST MOVIE ON THE WEB! INCONCEIVABLE!!
My ex-girlfriend invited me to a friends’ house to watch what she called ‘Two Girls One Cup’… After watching it I burned all of my things, had my name legally changed, and moved to a new state.

A Video clip circulating the internet that depicts two girls involved in a sex act. Initially looks like a typical piece of girl-on-girl porn until one girl shits in a cup. Both girls then eat from the cup and procede to puke on each other.
After I watched ‘two girls one cup’ I wanted to burn my eyes out with a candle. [Both from Urban dictionary]

If you still think that you need to watch the vid, you need to type in the URL yourself, I won’t link to it:
2 girls 1 cup dot com

*) This one is my favourite 2g1c reaction:

EDIT: Here’s the summary of the next shock video: Two Girls one Finger.

I do not miss the 1980s when I watch this

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Kate Bush’s video for “Wuthering Heights”:

But I love youtube!

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