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AlemannicHail to the wisdom of smart mobs! I ‘ve just come across the Alemannic Wikipedia – Alemannic being a group of German dialects which are spoken in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, parts of France, Germany and Austria. In Austria, specifically, in Vorarlberg, the province that I live in. For people who speak standard German (or let’s say: standard German with a light regiolect and that includes me), it is one of the least comprehensible varities thinkable. As a matter of fact, it seemed completely outlandish to me when I got here, and one of the reasons for that is that a common greeting here is “Heil” – known to the rest of Germans only as part of the Hitler salute. So I guess that it is understandable that such language might put off the ignorant urban intellectual in a first encounter.

But no unified Alemannic language exists, and the articles in the Alemannic Wikipedia seem to have been written by people from all regions. Read the articles about Vorarlberg and the Vorarlbergian language to get an idea of how the people speak here (and why this can be so alienating).

Here is small teaser:

Ma ka säga, dass im untera Rhytal (ab Götzis abwärts gegat da Bodasee) ender Niederallemannisch gredt würd, witter dom (äppa Götzis ufwärts) würds wiedr meh Hochalemannisch, mit gwüssa Eigaarta. So üsserat si all no dr Untrschied zwüschat am Unterland und am Obrland. Historisch gseha isch des o Gränz zwüschat am alta Bistum Chur und am alta Bistum Konschtanz, dia alt Gränz zwüschat am Vorarlbergr Obr-und Unterland. So weachslat “gehabt” vum Breagazerischa “ghet” zum Dorabirarischa “ghia” zum Obrländr “kha”, eppa bis Fraschtatz (Frastanz) und Nenzig (Nenzing) redt ma aso. So hoaßts z’Breagaz “I hob ghet”, z’Rankl (Rankweil) seet ma “I ha kha” (Ich habe gehabt),id’r Mehrzahl “Mir hond kha”, eppa aso hoaßts o uf dr Schwiizer Sita vum Rhytal und im Liachtaschtoa (Liechtenstein). Im Walgau ischas wiadr a kle andrsch. “Ich weiß” würd denn vu “I woaß” zu “I weiß”. “I ha” würd zu “I hon”.

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