Ortho-Bionomy (auch Ortho-Bionomie) in Wien

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Weil mich einige Personen gefragt haben: Hier ist ein Link zur Website von Mag. Nicole Hornstein-Kinzl, Sportwissenschafterin und Ortho-Bionomy-Practitioner in Wien: www.hornsteinkinzl.at.

Transcranialtherapie Tyschenko®

For speakers of German only

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Note: This is NOT a comedian. It’s Thomas G. Hornauer, an entrepreneur who earned billions with phone sex lines. This documents his motivational speech after he took over an Austrian (?) TV station. He’s Suebian (German) though.

Vienna’s Engulfed in Fog

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Johann Strauss

No photo opportunity this morning for visitors of the Johann Strauss monument 😀

Last.fm was founded by Austrians

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Just in case you didn’t know. Btw, Last.fm have announced to be now playing full-length songs and albums. The only hitch:

Full-length tracks are now available in the US, UK, and Germany, and we’re hard at work broadening our coverage into other countries. During this initial public beta period, each track can be played up to 3 times for free before a notice appears telling you about our upcoming subscription service. The soon-to-be announced subscription service will give you unlimited plays and some other useful things.


Another tribute to the outstandingness of Austria

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Even if this means to favorably mention a conservative politician. People just can’t get enough of shots featuring Austrian Minister for European and International Affairs, Ursula Plassnik, in the company of other politicians. How’s that you wonder?

Ursula Plassnik

Ursula Plassnik

Ursula Plassnik Ursula Plassnik

And here is the thing I like about her as a public personality: She never tries to make herself appear smaller than she is – a quality rarely found in very tall women. I think tall women are gorgeous (like my bestest friend J. in Cologne)!

Merry Christmas from Austria!

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Brought to you courtesy of Hansi Hinterseer, former alpine skier turned entertainer: Wandern durch den weißen Winterwald.

Btw: This English Wikipedia entry was first created by a student of mine back in 2004. The stub was no longer than two lines, but has grown considerably in the meantime. Nice!

More destruction: Shredding the Futon

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Yesterday I tore apart an entire bloody futon with a Korean kitchen knife (which worked excellently, thanks to the Austrio-Koreans!) and managed to squeeze the debris in three separate trash bags. Recycling in Austria is an often chosen essay topic for learners of German in London, I was told, and they do indeed go to great lengths when it comes to recycling here in Austria.

I used to have brown paper bags for organic waste which were collected weekly, yellow ones for packaging (excluding metal, collected every fortnight) and black ones for all the rest (collected every fortnight). Paper, metal and glass you have to take to a public garbage skip yourself.

For your garbage taxes you get six yellow bags which are always free, and three black 60l bags a year, and if you need more of those you have to pay for each of them (for the paper bags you have to pay anyway). I actually never used my black bags, and instead disposed of my ‘residual garbage’ (Restmüll) at work. There was no communal garbage collecting place in the house in which I lived, so the garbage (also the organic one!) would have had to live with me for one or two weeks. Right.

So now I had a total of twelve black bags on my hands – for 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 – and it looks as if I am going to need ALL of them. You may stick ANYTHING into these bags for as long as you manage to squeeze it in. And as I would have had to pay a whopping € 21,00 for any cubic meter of garbage that I brought to the municipality’s garbage dump myself (does not seem to make sense, does it?), I thought I better put my black bags to some use. Hence the futon had to be shredded.

Btw, if you have ever tried to carry a futon someplace, then you will now it feels like it is filled with mud. Trying carrying around a wet mud mattress for a while – it’s impossible. I used to think that it is the cotton that makes it so soggy – now I know better. A futon’s innards consist of both cotton AND rubber. Mine had an approximately 5 cm thick rubber mattress that looked like an oatcake and was the wobbliest thing I have ever tried to lift – so _that’s_ where the muddy texture comes from. And this precise rubbery thing is wedged between layers and layers of natural cotton – which is fun to tear apart, only that you end up looking teared and feathered, as the cotton rubs off easily. And you breathe it, too, which was not so agreeable.

I tried recycling some of the rubber and cotton myself and use it as a cleaning cloth, e.g. for windows and floors. Not recommended. If you ever cut up your futon, just throw its content away as is.

Night train to Vienna

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Tonight at ten to ten I’ll hop on the night train to Vienna – just got a call that I could sign the lease agreement tomorrow late afternoon. At half past seven in the morning I’ll be in Vienna – but I doubt that I’ll be able to get any sleep on the train. I’m taking the final twelve assignments with me in order to grade them – more than enough time on the train. And tomorrow night at 20 past ten, I’ll be back on the next train home. That’s about 1500 km in 36 hours – good thing about Austrian train services is that they are not even half as expensive as the German ones: € 60 for a return ticket is quite alright, isn’t it?

Check out the map: I’ll be going from 10km south of Bregenz via Innsbruck via Innsbruck, Salzburg and Linz to Vienna – and it is indeed going to have 38° in Vienna, both today and tomorrow. HOT!!!

Austria, Weather Juli 16 2006

The way Austrians use exclamation marks in business correspondence has always irritated me.

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I canceled the contract with my ISP because I am moving to Vienna. I wasn’t sure whether the cancellation was effective or not, because my internet was always buggy – it didn’t work anymore, but that could still have been just a temporary flaw, in particular because my email address was still working. I sent one last email to them trying to find out why that was the case. Here is the reply I got (in translation) – what’s going on with Austrians and exclamation marks?:

Dear Ms. Master Anaj Jones! *

The cancellation has already been done!

The email address is going to continue to exist!

We hope to have been of service to you with this message.)**

*) Austrians are obsessed with titles. If you have a master’s degree (“Magister”), they’ll address you as such.

)** Original:

Sehr geehrte Frau Mag. Anaj Jones!

Die Kündigung ist bereits erledigt!

Die Mailadresse bleibt weiterhin bestehen!

Wir hoffen, Ihnen mit dieser Mitteilung gedient zu haben.

Nobody knows The Sound of Music in Austria

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That’s one thing that is worth being said over and over again: Americans, Aussies, Brits, when you come to Austria, don’t expect anyone to greet you with a tune from The Sound Of Music on their lips. We don’t know that film or musical over here. There were a couple of German Movies in the 1950s which dealt with the same topic, the adventures of the Trapp family: Die Trapp-Familie with Ruth Leuwerik and Hans Holt (1956, directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner), as well as Die Trapp-Familie in Amerika (same principals, 1958) and the creators of the The Sound of music admitted that this was where they got their inspiration film. The films were incredibly successful in their times, but today, as virtually all Heimatfilme, are experienced as unbearable by most viewers below 60 today. Neither the films nor the musical is true anyway.

This just as addendum – I only learned yesterday that the song My favorite things in the Skoda ad was taken out of the musical.

Elfriede’s Blog

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Elfriede JelinekAnd for a brief moment I thought I had discovered Elfriede Jelinek‘s blog. Why, after all, should she not have one, forefront thinker, Nobel Prize winner after all? Amazing enough: She’s going to turn 61 this year. Can’t be, she’s pegged in my mind as a perpetual 40 (image to the left shows her in 2000, age 53, and still she looks like 40).

The thing about Elfriede: I am glad I do not (have to) write the way or the stuff she does. Although I LOVE the way she writes (but would be unable to defend it). I can see and measure the depths from which she is reporting, but I wouldn’t want to go down there myself. I think I’d lose my mind. It is a selfish approach, but whenever I read a piece by her, I disregard the literary message and try to relate to the person behind the text. That is what interests me most, her texts are barriers, and I have never been particularly impressed by those barrier-type texts (think: Ingeborg Bachmann, that other Austrian writer, which, if you would forgive me, I was never able to make sense of), but I always imagined to have a vague sense of the person BEHIND those texts. I would so much like to meet her one day, but of course that is not very likely. And meet her the way I’d like to meet her is completely ruled out: a friendly conversation about nothing in which we would have to have some OTHER thing to look at, to distract us and deflect our conversation from the actual encounter. This year’s opera ball would have been a splendid opportunity, we could have made fun of Paris Hilton and have used these jokes as a foot path to deeper conversations… just a dream of course.

And now I found her ‘blog’, but only to discover that it is none. Her so-called blog is hosted on a really sweet compuserve address, http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/elfriede/. In spite of the name of the address, it does not reveal a single word of her, it all stays carefully fictional. Worst of all, it specifies theater@rowohlt.de as contact address – rowohlt being one of the key German publishing houses. Dream on, my soul – there are thousands of women (probably not too many men) writers out there who would love to establish personal contact with Elfriede – and it’s just not gonna happen that easy. And of course she (or her publisher) are going to protect any of her words in as much as possible.

But deep inside myself, I hope that she has an anonymous blog where she doesn’t present herself as a Nobel prize winning author, but where she simply writes about the boring things that happen in any blogger’s life (and how cool would it be if found that blog:-)

Panorama, Pt. 1

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It’s amazing what cellphone cameras can do these days – my boyfriend’s cellphone can automatically splice three successive pictures together to form a panorama… perspectives get distorted though: this view from the top of the Sonnstein make the opposite shore of the Traunsee appear like an island. Both of us have returned a bit sick, but nevertheless it was a lovely break from work and our daily routine. My boyfriend gets back to his diploma thesis, me to fighting for equality – one last round. The break helped me to make up my mind regarding the future. At least two questions are addressed now:

1) I am not going to apply for the PhD programme advertised by the University of Vienna.

2) I am not going to renew my contract here in f***ing Vorradelberg.


Both decisions feel like good decisions 😀

Panorama, Pt. 2

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Now that’s what I call quite Austrian:-)

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Greasy lens… good for me and aging Hollywood actresses:-)


First Day of Spring 12/40

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Today we had the first proper day of spring in a very early spring this year (Of course it wasn’t the REAL first day of spring – that comes on the 21st of March this year with the spring equinox). The weather was lovely and so I went for a run. The third time this year, and while I normally get outrun by at least two thirds of the runners on my usual running course (and lapped once to twice by my boyfriend on the 2km sprint route that’s part of it), I was the undisputed queen of the road today. For most of the road. It seemed as if all those people who normally wouldn’t lift a leg or finger had all of a sudden decided to change their lives and do some sports. Most of them were not even running anymore when I passed them, but the trainers and shell suit gave them away. My boyfriend was ill and therefore couldn’t come running (which probably contributed to boosting my selfesteem;-) but followed a little later on the bike to catch a bit of sunlight, too.


The running course follows a river, in which we found the base of a vacuum cleaner that had gotten stuck between the rocks. I managed to free “Topfi” (literally ‘Potty’, as we decided to call the vehicle) and followed it a good stretch down the river until it eventually got stuck again, at a spot where we couldn’t reach it. Up to that point, Topfi had been the perfect vehicle and quick as silver in the current. We forgot to take another picture, but hope that the river is going to take him to pastures new one day. FREE TOPFI!




And now we move on to a very special picture. It is on the on hand an illustration of unattainable love, and on the other hand the story of two star-crossed lovers: Lady Black from the Golden Palace and Mr. Cool, the internationally renowned miniature golfer, both trapped in their respective snow globes.

But at least they have got each other to look at now, which is much better than being the only person trapped in a snow globe.

Thanks to Florian and the Korea crowd for helping to introduce the two to each other!

Unfortunately, Lady Black is a bit of a drinker, which is why she will soon be in it (perfume, not water) just up to her neck, but I am sure we will find a solution for that.

Und jetzt zu einem ganz besonderen Bild. Es ist einerseits die bildliche Darstellung von unerreichbarer Liebe und andererseits die Geschichte von zwei Liebenden, deren Liebe unter keinem guten Stern stand: Lady Black aus dem goldenen Palast und Mr. Cool, der international anerkannte Mini-Golfer, beide in ihren jeweiligen Schneekugeln gefangen.

Aber immerhin haben sie sich jetzt gegenseitig zum Anschauen, und das ist schon viel besser als die einzige Person zu sein, die in einer Schneekugel gefangen ist.

Vielen Dank an Florian und die Korea-Truppe für die Hilfe dabei, die beiden miteinander bekannt zu machen! Leider säuft Lady Black ein wenig und darum steht ihr das Wasser (bzw. Parfum) bald nur noch bis zum Hals, aber dafür werden wir auch eine Lösung finden.


In the meantime, we have put Uncle Herbert back to bed to make sure that he is going to recover soon.


Lent Daily Lent (Day 12): Lent, right. Lent sucks. Fasten macht keinen Spaß, but I am keeping the flag flying, ich bleibe weiter bei der Stange.

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