Don’t custom or!

January 15, 2007 at 12:50 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

It’s tough to keep your resolution of composing one post per day if you’re a customer of They claim that’s short for Education highway, a term in which they seek to marry education with the information highway – Lenina made an interesting comment about the coming of (very old) age of that term a while ago.

Anyhow, my internet is down for probably half a dozen of times a day – sometimes it recovers by me unplugging and restarting the router, sometimes that doesn’t help. Of course they claim it’s got nothing to do with them but with Telekom, the former telecommunications monopolist from whom they have to buy bandwith. Reporting a problem to eduhi only leads to them referring me to Telekom – and Telekom in turn blames eduhi for the downtime.

As a result, nobody has ever bothered to fix the problem once and for all time.

As a result, I wasn’t able to make my before midnight post and the 15th of January is going to remain void in my calendar.

As a result, I didn’t post anything about the joys of singing in a choir, as I had intended to, but instead I’m putting both Telekom and Eduhi in the pillory for providing the crappiest, least reliable service I’ve ever had to deal with.

Between us: I think that Telekom is the actual baddie here, as they also haven’t been able to set up my phone properly, and it’s the phone line eventually that I need to rely on for my internet connection. I’ve had a technician in here twice, and they were only able to fix the problem temporarily, which in my view indicates that they never fixed it at all. But they can’t be bothered.

Hence my appeal: Don’t custom Telekom (or eduhi, as they colaborate only with Telekom)! They’ve been a monopolist for ages and have changed nothing about their ways since.

EDIT: I’ve just realized you can edit the time stamp – so here goes my January 15 post, even with a bit of trickery.

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