Sociodemographically speaking, I am a 32 33 34-year old German who has a predilection for urban environments and postadolescent people and who is currently was employed in a town of 40,000 in the far West of Austria . This provides provided plenty of opportunity for my daily serving of alienation. Right now I am unemployed employed sort of free-lancing in Vienna, Austria.



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  1. some content here would be nice 🙂

  2. As a matter of fact, I have added content to this site, but for some reason it doesn’t show… will find out.

  3. Hi Anaj, btw nice name 🙂 Is that your real name or an adopted one? 🙂

    And Yes, It is very much like “Pop Idols”… And Yes, If you love Indian dance.. u will LOVE it 🙂 Check out http://youtube.com/watch?v=FkUJDM3sztk

  4. Hi Anaj, btw nice name 🙂 Is that your real name or an adopted one? 🙂

    And Yes, It is very much like “Pop Idols”… And Yes, If you love Indian dance.. u will LOVE it 🙂 Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3m6j6owlbY

  5. Nice pic 🙂

  6. Your tattoo looks cool from the side. You should post a close-up.

  7. Thanks – it is a cool tattoo, based on the United Nations’ logo. I think I have a close-up somewhere – must search for it.

  8. Fantastic! I have several tattoos and get mixed responses alot. Most people like them, but some people can be rude. I guess it’s still kind of unique for women to have them, but it’s also still a chauvinistic world we live in.

  9. Does this also happen to you sometimes that people see you have a tattoo (mine shows just a little when I wear a t-shirt) and already begin tucking your clothes and say ‘let me see your tattoo’! I always tell them off and don’t show it – I think they’re behaving incredibly rude, as though having a tattoo automatically entitles everyone to see you skin!

  10. Absolutely. But I’m usually so used to having my tattoos I often forget they’re even there. So, by the time someone is reaching for me it’s already too late. I guess it’s sort of like a total stranger feeling your tummy when your pregnant. Pure ignorance I suppose.

  11. Ah, a body suit. I’ve got mixed feelings about these. Ok in Yakuza movies, but am glad my boyfriend is not to keen on getting one himself.

  12. Thank you very much for the comments on my post.
    Btw, you never told me what else you thought about the post.

  13. Hi, Anaj–

    Chatted with you on Elberry’s blog. I don’t have a blog — wouldn’t have the time to keep up with one, I fear — but I like visiting various sites to see what folks are thinking and talking about.

    Please e-mail me if you wish; you can no doubt access my e- address since it’s required to post a comment! Do tell me Elberry’s secrets, especially since he’s now really determined to get your goat (seen his latest “special friend” comment? Yikes!).

    all the best, Susan

  14. Yes, I’ve got your email now, will mail you swiftly!

  15. Ms. Anaj, weirdly my WordPress dashboard insists that you are linking to me, which if so would be DAMN cool, just like you blog–but I can’t find any links and so I think WordPress is pulling my leg. What thinkest thou? Happy new year….

  16. Dear unreliable narrator,
    I am linking to you, although matters are a bit more complicated. You linked to my Viggo Mortensen, which produced a ping back on that particular post:
    Now whenever someone clicks on your name tag on that comment (or on your name tag while your name appeared in the list of recent comments, as ping backs and blogs are treated as the same thing) – whenever that happens, your WP-Admin will tell you that a link came in via my blog:-)
    In other words: Linking to post on other blogs can be an effective strategy to increase links to your blog – provided people have ping back activated.
    Happy new year to thee…

  17. Ping back! Well I’ll be Viggo’s uncle. Danke schoen for the explanation. ;o)

  18. Have a nice day !

  19. Hey!

    Reading your blog on your Edinburgh days, good reading. What interested me is Reissdorf Koelsch, you must tell me where!! We’ve been searching high and low for it.

    Many thanks

  20. Hey, where are you looking for Reissdorf Koelsch? I have no idea as where to get it in Edinburgh – I checked out their homepage, but regrettably, they don’t ship!


  21. Anywhere! We found Fruh in Glasgow but not in Edinburgh. We found you through this blog http://jana-in-edinburgh.blogspot.com/2006/08/beer-extravaganza.html and thought you might know more?

  22. Well not much more – I used to live in Cologne, but even within Germany, you’ll hardly find the Kölsch beer outside of the state of Northrhine-Westfalia, as Kölsch as a rule has to be brewed in in Cologne.

    In Edinburgh, I got the Kölsch at a place called “The Pond” – it is still on Google maps, although at the time they said it would be closing down soon – that would be quite a pity!



  23. Thanks for that, will check it out!

  24. Anaj,

    Ich wohne in Chicago, bin hier geboren und studiert Deutsch. Ich finde dein Blog toll! Ich liebe alles Bollywood, usw.


  25. Hey Anaj,

    Just seen on youtube that your last blog post showed our video. Thanks for the feature ;). Were voice it (see website4more) and i must correct you – the song is pretty unknown in germany.. just curious, what sounds germanish to you in particular?

    neat blog 😉

  26. Hey Ben, dang, which blog post were you talking about ? The whistle register one? Ah, I see, it’s Amezaliwa – It was just something about the articulation, admittedly just a tiny difference… (I am very picky when it come to pronunciation)

  27. hey anaj
    its good that ur picky, we couldnt improve without those people who listen carefully =)..
    keep up your good blog, i read quite a few articles. i really love the video with the austrian guy who talks with his employees. There should be much more people in middle europe, waking others up…

  28. Hi Anaj,
    You have a very interesting blog addressing some highly important issues. Keep up the great work!

  29. hey Anaj,

    Thanks for linking to the 12 Days video all those years ago. just wanted to let you know that there’s a new boymongoose video out for this year about Singledom – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbciCSY2Ip0 and just wanted to send it your way with Christmas round the corner. hope u have a great break. ashwin

  30. Hey, Thank you! Nice one!

  31. Hi Anaj,

    I was hoping to cite your blog in my PhD thesis, referring to Spam. For a complete bibliographic reference could you let me know your surname and city of blog publishing.

    • anaj isn’t my first name either;-) blogtitle (anaj em staht) and url should suffice, and I blog from Vienna, Austria

  32. Hi Anaj,

    I just wanted to point out that it’s cool that your web name is my name backwards!


    • guess how I came up with that name;-)

  33. My name is Jana I live in the us. Is jana a common name in Germany? Just curious.

    jana sechrest

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