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What’s happening in Guantanamo is unacceptable up and down. I don’t believe in signing petitions anymore, but I am going to try now to give my message, End Guantanamo!, a new visual ID.

While allegations of torture happening in Guantanamo have become rife, I didn’t want to go down the gory path of design. Instead, I opted for a minimalist style, more akin to the pictograms developed by Otl Aicher for the Olympic games in 1972.

You can help spread the message – download the image below, mail it, print it, put it on your blog! Leave a comment with email address if you’d like to have a copy of the Photoshop and Illustrator files.

End Guantanamo

You may download this image (right mouse click on the image and then download it) or link to it. You’ll find different sizes on my Flickr page if you click on the image or this link. You do not have to give me credit. It is licensed under a Creative Commons license, requesting attribution, but you don’t have to do that – CC just doesn’t offer licenses without attribution. You may not use it for commercial purposes and what ever you do with the image, you should also allow others to do with it. You may NOT use it if you intend to deride its message.

Here is an explanation how to put an image in your sidebar: Add a text widget to your WP sidebar, paste this code into it, then save:

<a href=”https://anaj.wordpress.com/2007/03/23/end-guantanamo-banner-for-your-blog/”><img src=”http://farm1.static.flickr.com/148/431652089_d3d9717a21_o.jpg&#8221; border=”0″/></a>


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  1. Ja, kann ich verstehen. Guantanamo ist eine Provokation, die einen Gewaltexzess herausbeschwören will. Guantanamo ist der wutschäumende Schläger auf der Suche nach dem Dummen, der auf seine Provokation hereinfällt, damit der Schläger seine geballte Selbstzerstörungs/auslöschungslust (Todestrieb) auf sein Opfer ableiten kann.

  2. Thank you so much for this.

  3. La tortura de sigue haciendo en nuestros dias solo que se ha llevado más se ha llevado más al terreno psicologico. Lo último es la privacion de todos los sentidos por parte del sujeto a interrogar. Por lo visto puede causar lesiones psiquicas irreversibles.


  4. I think the above comment is about the deprivation of all the senses as a means of torture.

  5. Comment to myself: Here is a link to a replica of a Guantanamo sensory deprivation cell. This is a replica going on tour in Australia at the moment. I wonder whether the computer monitor is really part of the original cell, or put in there for visitors? Hm.


  6. Many, many thanks for this – and for spreading the word (and the image – as pictures, as the adage goes, speak a thousands words) around.

  7. Your welcome – thanks for noticing the banner!

  8. when they say it’s ove. Martino Heino.

  9. I cant beleive you would have the nerve to dictate garbage like you do. Those prisoners there are there for trying to destroy U.S.A. You should just move to Afganistan for a while. You dont apreciate all for what this country can do for you.

  10. That’s right, I’d rather have the USA would stop doing things for other countries and get their own act together.

    Let’s just start with a public health system.

  11. thanks Anaj, will add the banner to my site. good idea. Anything that reinforces the message.

  12. Greatly appreciated, inbetwixt, btw, is this you: http://inbetwixt.wordpress.com/?

  13. Hi, yes it is! Thanks very much!

  14. all of them terrorists just need to cooperate with our goverment officals and the things we do wont have to happen there scum just like their leaders and deserve every thing that happens to the you bunch of pansys i guess you are all gona go buy some beach front property next to bin laden right …?

  15. Hi Chris, how are things at Road Runner HoldCo LLC? Enjoying a a little break from work? You are not using your company’s computer, are you?

    I am sorry I wasn’t quite able to make sense of your message; I suppose punctuation would help here.

    I hope you are aware that the aim or terrorism is to induce fear and paranoia – I can see it works pretty well on you.

    Considering that we are speaking of international, yet decentralized underground networks, it’s a ridiculous thought to believe that a local detention camp could address the issue of terrorism – if anything works in dealing with terrorism, that’d be intelligence, diplomacy and international collaboration.

    If there is only one person held in Guantanamo that is not related to terrorism, the whole idea of this camp is per se outrageous from a humanist perspective – and meanwhile we know that there have been SEVERAL cases of people who were held there for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time and who had been wrongly accused.

    What do you make of that, Chris? It’s ok for you to have a few non-American innocent individuals suffer, for as long as this allows you to imagine that this could put an end to terrorism, isn’t it, Chris?

  16. oh no thats not it at all nah im not at work im at home … but i dont see how u think that closing that one camo is gonna stop our crooked government from doing people wrong i think that we should worry bout what is going on in our own country … people go to jail every day because of wrong place worng but crooked officals here allow it to happen so what makes a forigner any different … all systems of justice are cooked and allow things of this nature to happen quite regularly i agree to your point but its just gonna happen no reason to make a stink just hope it dont happen to you here … and just to let you know diplomacy isnt gonna solve any thing when your opposition are all savage brain washed beasts who have been fighting for years its a life style its all they know … its sad but true

  17. Excuse me… yes, it’s true that 1 percent of Americans are in jail, jailed in their own country – yet that is hardly an excuse to continue to do so elsewhere. Yes, your country has quite a fews to sort out, both at home and abroad, and that includes Guantanamo.

  18. […] machte sich der Traffic stärker bemerkbar: 61 Besucher kamen via Stumble-Upon auf die 14 Monate alte Banner-Seite – bei diesem Thema freut mich wirklich jeder Besucher […]

  19. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/end-torture-in-gitmo

    All the information is on the site
    Help out?

  20. aber wohin mit dem ganzen menschen-müll??
    es ist ja auch keinen lösung diesen trash jetzt nach deutschland zu holen, dann lieber guantanamo weiterbetreiben!!!!!!!

    • wenn jemand so eine menschenverachtende giftspritze ist wie du, dann bist du vermutlich auch der ansicht, dass du entsorgt werden solltest oder?

      Adorno, mit dessen namen du dich hier schmueckst, wuerde dir sicher nicht zustimmen.

      Mein Gott, es gibt wirklich unglaubliche Idioten. Und jetzt kusch!

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