Google Earth erases Google Earth oddities 25/40

March 17, 2007 at 9:37 am | Posted in Google | 10 Comments
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I had another favorite Google Earth oddity and now I have to find that it’s gone! I wasn’t able to find the link for some time and have dug it up now, but only to discover that Google Earth itself (i.e. the company) does apparently NOT appreciate the idea of Google Earth oddities – they photoshopped that giant bug belonging to the order of Thrysanoptera (vulgo: Thrips) away that was roaming the fields outside Aalen in Germany! That’s surprisingly anti-Web2.0 from them – erasing the traces of users’ discoveries. I managed to find a screen shot of the location from the time when the bug was still there, labeled ‘Alien bug’:

Google Earth

But if you have look at the site now (link to location on Google maps online, you might want to zoom out a bit), you’ll find that it’s gone. No more. Dead. You can even see where it was, as the new patch of soil they added does not blend in well – different shades of green. Pffff… I hope they are going to give us our bug back some day! Fat cats and their top down rule… if you agree with me that Google earth changes our _perception_ of reality (but of course not reality itself – which is unattainable anyway), then one could argue that this is some kind of censorship. Concealing the bugs of the system to maximize reality effects…. nice. Not.

Google Earth

And who is going to decide which Google earth oddities will be censored and which won’t? Will Eddie Fuck soon be bleeped out? Will brand names in the pictures remain? Who has the right to decide? Even if the bug was not on the field, but just on the scanner, it was still in the picture – why claim all of a sudden that there is a prior reality that is superior? I liked this bug a lot…

P.S. Maybe I should write in French;-) I’ve got another incoming link from a (Swiss) French website, 24 heures, writing about Google Earth – I am cited as politically incorrect blog at the end – thanks to Eddie Fuck, I suppose.

Lent25/40 means that today is the 25th day of Lent, of my no sugar no alcohol no meat Lent diet. I admit I changed the rules slightly – yesterday I had some pure yogurt with artificial sweetener, although I had decided at the beginning that my vow to abstain from sweetness would be complete. But the craving…. I’m drinking tea right now, and I used to have two sugars with each mug I drank in the past. Now, I don’t cheat on that – although I sued to think that the combination of Earl Grey, sugar and milk was the first step on the road to nirvana:-)

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