Mangoes will grow into my mouth 27/40

March 19, 2007 at 7:12 am | Posted in Food | 8 Comments
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Wishful thinking. But I am really growing mangoes now, on my French balcony:-) It started with a special breed of mango, sweet yellow ones I hadn’t seen before. Their skin seemed to be thinner, and they were really ripe when I found them in the supermarket. We don’t get many ripe mangoes in Europe, and if you ever had fresh mango in Africa, you’ll never ever want to eat the ones sold in European supermarkets again. They only get soft once they are close to rotting away:-X

This one was different though, perfectly ripe, and also didn’t contain any of those fibers that get denser around the pit and remain sticking between your teeth. Probably genetically modified;-) Just in case you have ever tried to peel a mango: Here are some instructions for preparing mangoes – I peeled the first ones I ever had, too, but that’s not the proper and convenient way to eat them.

After having gulped mine down (too quickly, as it was too good and too sweet for one not to become greedy, in particular for someone who gave up sugar for Lent;-) I thought that the pit of that one looked actually like a real seed, and that maybe one could do something with it. I did some internet research and then took a knife to pry the pit open. It contained the actual seed, enclosed in a brown, parchment-like shell that had already become to small for the yellowish-greenish thing inside. I put it in a pot filled with earth (not very good earth, I am afraid, might need to change that) and watered it.


That was Sunday last week. On the second day after I had planted it, you could see a tiny sprout developing on the side, barely a centimeter long. When I checked it again today, it had already taken root:-)


The proud gardener:


Well, I doubt that I’ll ever harvest some mangoes – certainly not without a greenhouse or winter garden. But it’s just fascinating to see a plant grow from a seed, and at such as a speed:-)

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