Today I’ll promote another one of my brother’s photographs

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…like I always do when I have no time for posting.


Photographs: Hiroshima after the bombing

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I had never seen these photographs before. I watched Hiroshima mon amour 10 years ago (France 1959, directed by Alain Resnais), which made me feel so sick, yet is one of the most remarkable films ever. The very fact that it exists is remarkable. In the meantime I have obviously suppressed the memory. This was a refresher: Somebody called Fogonazos has posted Pictures they didn’t want us to see’. I think it’s worthwhile looking at them again now. Nuclear radiation turns you into charcoal immediately if you happen to stick around ground zero.

[» Link to Photographs].

I admit I also didn’t know about the discrimination of the Hibakusha (“those affected by an explosion”) that Fogonazo reports:

[The Hibakusha] and their children were (and still are) victims of severe discrimination due to lack of knowledge about the consequences of radiation sickness, which people believed to be hereditary or even contagious. Many of them were fired from their jobs. Hibakusha women never got married, as many feared they would give birth to deformed children. Men suffered discrimination too. “Nobody wanted to marry someone who might die in a couple of years”.

Or give a job to such a person.

The comments below the pictures inevitably jump right into the comparison of Hiroshima and 9/11, or rather 75,000 immediate killings (and a double number who died later; plus the victims of Nagasaki) vs. 2974 (plus 25 still missing). I really shouldn’t embark on this discussion yet it makes me sick to the bone that civilized countries develop bombs which they call Little Boy and Fat Man and turn against hundreds of thousands of civilians.

Macromania (or so my brother called this pic)

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Big Clouds

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Old Chimney

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Wind Power

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Wind Power

Cherry blossoms

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Cherry blossoms

Window Watch

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Images for words

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I am busy buys busy clearing out my old flat, hence no time for intelligent posting. Instead, the next days will feature some of my brother’s photographs – I am not so easily impressed by photographs these days as people are photographing everything to death, but keep being amazed by his pictures (also because I come obviously from the same village where he still lives and whenever I am there I can find the views he plucks NOWHERE).


Too hot, wish I were THERE

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Another photo my brother took. Btw, today is the 17th of July which is my father’s birthday whom I have seen I think three times in ten years. Maybe four. Difficult to forget the date though: 17th of July used to be a German holiday, Tag der deutschen Einheit, until Germany was reunited on the 3rd October 1990, which has then become the new holiday. Also, ironically, after my mom moved back to her home village (after having followed my father to the town where he soon left her for a 22-year-old), our phone was given the number 1707 (it as a rather smallish village). I might call him today nonetheless. Unless I forget of course:-)

Whaaaw! What a Beautful Evening Sky!

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Once again, I am wondering where exactly my brother finds these landscapes. I can hardly believe this sky is to be the same one as the one beneath which I grew up (and wholeheartedly hated).

Evening Sky

A Bomb

The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

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My brother, the savant photographer, took an amazing picture of a rainbow. Doesn’t it seem like he finally found the pot of gold? Also: Do you see how golden the light is? Ha!

Pot of Gold

pot of Gold

Da capo: Inquisitive dogs & sunsets

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I think my brother has a rare talent for photographing dogs – they tend to look rather intelligent in his pics (mind you: a cat lover is writing this;-) Dogs and landscapes… repost of Britt, the watchdog, to form a series. Also, she’s dead now.




My brother’s photographs 31/40

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In terms of ‘career’ and ‘professional development’, my brother and I couldn’t be any more different. He’s just four years older than me but has been working for the past 19 years in a full time job. I am in my 4.5th year now of working full-time. I’m an English teacher (not justified to call me lecturer, although it says so on my card), he has been employed as cleaning staff for the past 15 years. But the photographs he takes keep amazing me. He has never had any form of training, and you can sometimes see that his take on framing, for instance, is very unconventional. Which contributes to the photos’ fascination. And the collages he comes up with are also absolutely independent. He only had five years of English at school and that was 20 years ago. This notwithstanding, he keeps writing me emails in English and knows how to use the language to describe his pictures. Today I’d just like to present some of the pictures on his flickr portfolio:

Monolithic vs Serial Photography 16/40

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A while ago I posted a small series of serial photos which were intended to endorse an application. The idea had been to offer a visual expression of the multiple facets that a personality (in this case: mine) has. Of course it is impossible to capture them all – it is probably not even possible to capture just one facet in a photograph. And of course the photograph will always give you a certain form or shape.

A week later, the company photographer took my photo again – for free and professionally. I don’t want to be bragging about his but my hair looked GREAT on that day. I started to grow it about a year ago and is incredible how long it already is. Nonetheless, it just came out STUPIDLY in the picture. We also took a few extra pictures at the end of the session with my hair tied up – and these are the only ones now that I can actually use for an application. I also read somewhere that women are more likely to be hired for a responsible position if they tie up their hair for the photograph. Reduce the feminine attributes to a minimum (but of course avoid looking like a butch;-)

To illustrate how monolithic a single picture can be, I’ll show you (if that isn’t contradictory) two versions of me: both are monolithic in the sense that each seems to invoke a singular meaning. The first one – colour, long hair – conjures up the idea of a slightly embittered woman (probably operating a library helpdesk) with low self-esteem, whereas the second one – black and white, hair tied up – makes me appear like a self-assured marketing dominatrix who goes water-skiing in her free time.

PassportPassport Pic

Neither of the two represent myself in a way that I’d like to see myself represented (the results achieved with the serial photographs were much better in that respect). Which ones should I use, you reckon? I have the feeling the dominatrix pic serves the purpose of an application the best (but would you like to share an office with that person?).

EDIT: Had to remove the div tags to center the image as they did something unexpected to the layout. Reduced the picture size at the same time. Found it quite unbearable to look at my own old mug in such a resolution and size;-)

LentDaily Lent (Day 16): I have meanwhile become the leftovers eater in my department. One of my colleagues has diabetes, so he may only eat small portions during the day and has to be careful with carbohydrates. The sandwiches sold in the cafeteria are too much for him, a banana is too large a portion. Enter: me. As I have been perpetually hungry the past days but hardly ever ate a full meal, I was grateful to have the bits and pieces he couldn’t eat. Today it got even worse: Although we went to the cafeteria to get a proper meal, I begged for half of his mashed potatoes (knowing that he cannot eat them all) and even nicked the three (cold, soggy) potatoe wedges my other colleagues had left on his plate. Admittedly, the vegetarian option really wasn’t very filling today: undercooked Quinoa patties with salad and a dressing with chives. I wonder whether there is any cafeteria that offers vegetarian food that doesn’t consist of veggie patties, and that aren’t almost always a disaster. Ask the vegetarians you know how often THEY have veggie patties when they cook for themselves – I personally never made any, because they stink.

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