The True Reason Why Men are More Successful in Academia

August 10, 2009 at 12:35 pm | Posted in Gender | 6 Comments
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Why Men are more Successful in Academia

inspired by @corinnamilborn and @antjeschrupp


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  1. Welcome back after a long long time. :). How you have been?

  2. Hey there! What a pleasure and surprise to be greeted by a comment of a former reader of this blog, after having neglected it for so long! I’m doing alright the momemt, working on my PhD, wondering how on earth I can possibley read MORE MORE MORE. How have you been?

  3. You are welcome! Actually your blog url is still on my blog surfer. Good to know about your PhD progress. Iam doing fine. Working on my first short film project..and also working full time in my job at university.
    So, you will be writing more on this blog now?

    • most of the time, I will be writing here: partly in English, partly in German, and whenever I write an Englisg blog post, I’ll publish the teaser here.

  4. That’s cool. I forgot, you are doing your PhD in which subject/topic?

  5. Thats a lovely one!!!

    Good to be back on your blog… after a longgggggg time 🙂

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