A breastfeeding minor? 26/40

March 18, 2007 at 8:47 am | Posted in Film, Television | 4 Comments
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One of my students sent me this picture of a rather disturbing poster she found in a thrift shop in Istanbul, featuring what seems to be an under-aged girl (maybe 6) breastfeeding a baby.


If you take a second look, however, you’ll find that the girl is simply caressing the baby, and that the misleading impression is probably the result of the poster been buckled. I wish I understood Turkish – apparently, this is the poster for a Turkish movie produced in 1975 which carried the first name of the actress, Gülsah. Also, it’s a comedy, so let’s just hope that there are no comedies that feature breastfeeding minors. Nice example of borderline iconography though.

Apart from that, something wild happened on my blog today. The deletion of that insect on Google Earth was evidently a story of greater interest – it even scored place 66 on the list of top posts in English…. I doubt that that is going to happen again though – and look how pathetic my regular blog traffic is made to look now! It’s sunk into insignificance…;-)


Numbers are really dangerous. We watched another installment of Deutschland sucht den Superstar (German Popidol) yesterday, and the scenes at the end, when the results of the telephone vote are released are really nasty. Confronting 16 year olds with a vote on what must appear to them as their popularity is really quite harsh. Numbers are nasty. One interesting thing about my traffic yesterday: in spite of this incredible number of 471 viewers, none of them (except my beloved usual suspects) left a comment – although that’s what makes it interesting. On that remark (and in order of first blog appearance): Thanks Lenina, Nova, Lallopallo, Jetsam, Cabbage and Greg for stopping by regularly and making your contributions. They brighten up my days in F***ing Voradelberg tremendously! And thanks to the ‘lurkers’ who I know are there (and let me know so via email:-) A happy Sugahasisumnida to all:-)

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