First Day of Spring 12/40

March 4, 2007 at 6:02 pm | Posted in Alps, Austria, Nature, Posts in German | 1 Comment

Today we had the first proper day of spring in a very early spring this year (Of course it wasn’t the REAL first day of spring – that comes on the 21st of March this year with the spring equinox). The weather was lovely and so I went for a run. The third time this year, and while I normally get outrun by at least two thirds of the runners on my usual running course (and lapped once to twice by my boyfriend on the 2km sprint route that’s part of it), I was the undisputed queen of the road today. For most of the road. It seemed as if all those people who normally wouldn’t lift a leg or finger had all of a sudden decided to change their lives and do some sports. Most of them were not even running anymore when I passed them, but the trainers and shell suit gave them away. My boyfriend was ill and therefore couldn’t come running (which probably contributed to boosting my selfesteem;-) but followed a little later on the bike to catch a bit of sunlight, too.


The running course follows a river, in which we found the base of a vacuum cleaner that had gotten stuck between the rocks. I managed to free “Topfi” (literally ‘Potty’, as we decided to call the vehicle) and followed it a good stretch down the river until it eventually got stuck again, at a spot where we couldn’t reach it. Up to that point, Topfi had been the perfect vehicle and quick as silver in the current. We forgot to take another picture, but hope that the river is going to take him to pastures new one day. FREE TOPFI!




And now we move on to a very special picture. It is on the on hand an illustration of unattainable love, and on the other hand the story of two star-crossed lovers: Lady Black from the Golden Palace and Mr. Cool, the internationally renowned miniature golfer, both trapped in their respective snow globes.

But at least they have got each other to look at now, which is much better than being the only person trapped in a snow globe.

Thanks to Florian and the Korea crowd for helping to introduce the two to each other!

Unfortunately, Lady Black is a bit of a drinker, which is why she will soon be in it (perfume, not water) just up to her neck, but I am sure we will find a solution for that.

Und jetzt zu einem ganz besonderen Bild. Es ist einerseits die bildliche Darstellung von unerreichbarer Liebe und andererseits die Geschichte von zwei Liebenden, deren Liebe unter keinem guten Stern stand: Lady Black aus dem goldenen Palast und Mr. Cool, der international anerkannte Mini-Golfer, beide in ihren jeweiligen Schneekugeln gefangen.

Aber immerhin haben sie sich jetzt gegenseitig zum Anschauen, und das ist schon viel besser als die einzige Person zu sein, die in einer Schneekugel gefangen ist.

Vielen Dank an Florian und die Korea-Truppe für die Hilfe dabei, die beiden miteinander bekannt zu machen! Leider säuft Lady Black ein wenig und darum steht ihr das Wasser (bzw. Parfum) bald nur noch bis zum Hals, aber dafür werden wir auch eine Lösung finden.


In the meantime, we have put Uncle Herbert back to bed to make sure that he is going to recover soon.


Lent Daily Lent (Day 12): Lent, right. Lent sucks. Fasten macht keinen Spaß, but I am keeping the flag flying, ich bleibe weiter bei der Stange.

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