Plagiarism and other diseases

January 4, 2007 at 4:03 pm | Posted in Plagiarism, Teaching English | 10 Comments

I’ve eventually started reading and marking film reviews – and after four only, I already have sufficient material to make my point about microplagiarism. How nice – and how exasperating 😦

Outside it’s still looking dim and unlikely to change over the next days. Still no snow below 1300 meters.If we had some snow, at least the light would be brighter. Cannot wait to get out of this fog hole. Normally, in the early days of January, the Fön wind comes up to chase away the snow and clouds for a couple of days. But what if there’s never been any? Hard to say.

And I feel a cold coming up. I need something to cheer me up today.

Will Cute Overload be able to do the trick?


Nah, I don’t like canines anyway. Ugly mug.

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