Living vicariously

January 11, 2007 at 5:17 pm | Posted in Friends | 4 Comments
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Suppose it’s time for another “F__ing Vorarlberg” post. If I give up my grudge against this place, I might be giving up my most important “constituting other”. These days, my thoughts are so much geared up towards leaving this place that I probably do not even try anymore to come to grips with it and the situation. I probably should do something about that. But except from commuting between work and my flat, there’s hardly any activity that I engage in these days (and I abhor the mere thought of social engagement, to be honest, although it would probably do me good). Tapping the internet for a few signs of life from distant friends, and that’s it. And it still seems to be the better alternative to me than beginning to hang out with the locals 😛

EDIT: commuting in this case means nothing more but a 15 minutes walk…

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