Interested in a tick screensaver?

March 22, 2007 at 8:54 am | Posted in Nature | 4 Comments
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Woah! In an hour from now, I’ll be getting my anti-tick shot – Austria is making a big effort in extincting related diseases (in particular meningitis). My German vaccination certificates booklet doesn’t contain a page for the anti-tick shot, so I wanted to download one from (Zecken = ticks). Didn’t find one there, but what I found was a tick screensaver. A very inclusive offer: They’ve got screen savers for PC _and_ for Mac. A tempting offer for you? Go there.

Tick Ticks Tick


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  1. I’m quite tempted by the screensaver. Of course, there’s that delicate moment to be encountered where I am writing something and look away for my coffee mug, only to turn back to the screen and encounter an uncouth (if regular to my screen) visitor.

    Here in Pennsylvania, there’s no regular tick vaccination, that I know of. Every summer people are warned about ticks carrying Lyme disease:

    My father, faithful hunter that he is, has brought home both venison and from time to time, little thirsty passengers. No disease has come with the free ride, as of yet.:-)

  2. So Borreliose is called Lyme disease! My mom had it, and the conductor of her choir also had it. She (the conductor, not my Mom) even had to into early retirement, because she didn’t get treatment early enough and her nervous system was affected in the end. Not nice, she turned into a nervous wreck. In the south of Germany, there are areas where 50% of the tick population are infested with borrelia burgdorferi.

    Unfortunately, the vaccine won’t help against. Lyme disease. There were three casualties of meningitis in Austria in the last year, so you might think the danger isn’t exactly pending. But if a simple shot can avoid infection, why not get it?

    My mom’s boyfriend is a hunter too – and I am quite sure that she caught it on one of their hikes.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your mom. It definitely makes sense to get a shot if you can. Are these shots funded by the government? My father should probably get one, but a trip to the doctor is expensive, and hence, he’s reluctant in this and other health matters to make any visits not already absolutely necessary.

  4. They are indirectly funded by the government. It’s best to get the shot in winter, so between January and March you can buy the vaccine at a reduced price at the pharmacy (€22,50). And if you work for a state-owned ‘company’ like I do, you pay only €12,50. But that happens only in Vorarlberg. Last week I learned that the Landeshauptmann (=equivalent of a governor of a US federal state) earns more than the US American president. No kidding.

    I once overheard a conversation of two young Americans who seemed to be traveling through Europe, teaching a bit of English, stay somewhere for a while and then move on. The one told a story when he went to the doctor and wanted to pay in cash – the doctor didn’t even have a cash box or something similar and the nurses were completely baffled at the thought. German/Austrian health systems, even if allegedly underfunded, are really a blessing. If you don’t have a job or are on social security, the employment or social welfare office will pay for you – all you need to do is give you social security number to the doctor. And if you have a job, your health insurance will pay – and you have to have one, that’s the first thing an employer will ask from you.

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