Some pictures from the conference

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All on Flickr, uploaded by mark_am_kramer or pat_k. I’ve decided to only select pictures that feature people whose name I know by heart:-)

Martin, Martina, Peter
Martin, Martina, Peter

Worldbank, Taiga
Eva, someone from the WorldBank (middle) and Taiga (right)

Mark, Arnaud
Mark and Arnaud


Fred, Teemu
Fred to the left, Teemu (blond) to the right or middle

Peter, Birgit
Peter, Birgit

Michael, me
Michael, me, on top of the Bergisel ramp


Sony, me Ulf
Sonja, me, Ulf (both at the desk in the background)

Me during my speed-geeking presentation

Fred (foreground)

Martin, Teemu
Martin, Teemu

Roger, buddy
Roger and his buddy


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  1. Hey nice are looking cool..:)
    Iam wondering that all of the Germans that I have known, except you, are blond..look like scandavidians ( I mean blond hair and blue eyes)
    You look more like mediterranean/italian/spanish..
    Is it only in pictures or there is more diversity in Germans than what I know

  2. Maybe those blond Germans are PERCEIVED as Germans more often than others – I was often asked, also by Germans, where I was from, meaning: which country, or whether there was ‘something foreign in me’. People don’t do that that much anymore, but I guess that has mainly to do with the environment in which I live now. my boyfriend has brown hair and blue eyes, his siblings dark hair and brown eyes, their children are blond with brown eyes, and brown with blue eyes – so I guess there is more variety.

    Btw, the very blond guy in the pics above is Finnish:-)

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