The Twittering Conference

June 16, 2007 at 7:18 pm | Posted in Microlearning | Leave a comment

I received an invite today to join the Twitter group for the upcoming Microlearning Conference.


for the conference we set up a little live experiment in microcontent.
don’t forget to bring your wifi-enabled laptop and your mobile phone!

if you subscribe to “Twitter” (it is free), you will not only be able to
get the latest conference announcements ‘live’, in real time, but also
to share with the other “twittering” participants your thoughts &
impressions throughout the conference.
we are sure this will add to the atmosphere, and it is a quite
instructive experience in real microcontent too!

it takes only 5 minutes. just have a look at this visual micro-tutorial:

then wait for your first twitter messages to come in from the Conference
Channel at

Twitter messages will be sent to your mobile phone too (for free!), if
you choose this option on your twitter-website!
you can turn this on and off anytime …

(the few participants who are using twitter already may want to create a
new twitter-ID just for the conference.)



Sounds like fun, huh? 😉

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