I am a Wienerin!

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Just a brief hello from Vienna – I have now signed the lease for a gorgeous, but substandard (and hence cheap) apartment in the ninth district of Vienna. I have no clue how I could ever have been so thick as to move to a village of 40,000 and stay there for three years. It feels like I have my life back 🙂

Shilpa Shetty awarded honorary doctorate

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Dr Shilpa Shetty I found the news first on Nova’s blog and then checked out the website of the awarding university itself: Leeds Metropolitan has indeed awarded a doctorate to Shilpa:

Indian film star Shilpa Shetty has been awarded an honorary doctorate in arts by Leeds Metropolitan University as part of Summer Graduation celebrations. Ms Shetty was in Yorkshire for the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) weekend last month and attended the charity cricket match at Headingley Carnegie Stadium.

Shilpa received the Bachelor of Arts award watched by her proud mum.

Director of Student Centred Change at Leeds Met, Joy Kumar introduced Ms Shetty for the award for “making a difference to society and using all her talents to the full.”

Ms Shetty ended by telling her fellow graduands: “In life, do what you would expect other to do; if you see anyone suffering indignity, stand up for them.”

So did she get a doctorate or a bachelor now?

Anyhow: For those who have forgotten: Shilpa rose to television fame in the UK after being bullied by Jade Goody in the last installment of Celebrity Big Brother. She finally emerged from the Big Brother house as the most successful candidate ever.

Btw, Leeds Metropolitan is making itself a name in Austria in particular for offering (seemingly) all universities that are not allowed to have their own PhD programmes a partnership. In Austria, this (i.e. the ones that cannot have their own PhD programmes) includes all Universities of Applied Sciences, and also the Donau Universität Krems who are offering nothing but post-graduate programmes. The latter have recently made a rather dodgy impression for adding a post-graduate certificat in Feng-Shui to their portoflio, and having one of their lecturers claim to have succeeded in teleporting (sorry, linked article is only available in German.

I swear I didn’t create this!

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A colleague sent this to me a while ago – to all the Herberts in the world who are working very hard at the moment (the one who is working the hardest in particular).

To all the Herberts in this world

Time for checklists and to-do lists

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While I am gearing up to move the first trolley-load of belongings to Vienna, my boyfriend has now reached the final two weeks before his master thesis is due. I remember this phase as semi-hallucinatory, and he probably feels similar. What to do? He: work, work, work – and touch down in the nick of time. Me? Once again it’s time for CHECKLISTS and TO-DO LISTS – the last thing to hold on to in a complicated, accelerating word.

Blogging on halt again

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And I’ve just maxed out my number of free photos on flickr – arf…

Too busy right now

Btw, the Web crashed yesterday

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Check out the article on the onion (linking to this article is a performative contradiction): “All Online Data Lost after Internet Crash

Too hot, wish I were THERE

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Another photo my brother took. Btw, today is the 17th of July which is my father’s birthday whom I have seen I think three times in ten years. Maybe four. Difficult to forget the date though: 17th of July used to be a German holiday, Tag der deutschen Einheit, until Germany was reunited on the 3rd October 1990, which has then become the new holiday. Also, ironically, after my mom moved back to her home village (after having followed my father to the town where he soon left her for a 22-year-old), our phone was given the number 1707 (it as a rather smallish village). I might call him today nonetheless. Unless I forget of course:-)

Night train to Vienna

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Tonight at ten to ten I’ll hop on the night train to Vienna – just got a call that I could sign the lease agreement tomorrow late afternoon. At half past seven in the morning I’ll be in Vienna – but I doubt that I’ll be able to get any sleep on the train. I’m taking the final twelve assignments with me in order to grade them – more than enough time on the train. And tomorrow night at 20 past ten, I’ll be back on the next train home. That’s about 1500 km in 36 hours – good thing about Austrian train services is that they are not even half as expensive as the German ones: € 60 for a return ticket is quite alright, isn’t it?

Check out the map: I’ll be going from 10km south of Bregenz via Innsbruck via Innsbruck, Salzburg and Linz to Vienna – and it is indeed going to have 38° in Vienna, both today and tomorrow. HOT!!!

Austria, Weather Juli 16 2006

Again: men in their underwear

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But striking a rather different tune than yesterday’s Reversa bimbos. This is also an attempt at an explanation how your mouse cursor works. Don’t forget to click!

I’m just not susceptible to mainstream erotic stimuli

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A (woman) friend sent me a link to this viral for a (true or fake, I don’t care) brand of cosmetics. The pun is supposed to consist in a fairy conventional turning around of mainstream erotic stimuli. Instead of a voluptuous blond smearing her tits with whipped cream, you have a half-naked chef doing the same thing. Or massaging your bread. And where the blond would have eaten a banana, he’s eating oysters. Yaawn! I would never ever forward this to a befriended female, not even a befriended gay male, even though the male body is much more the object of fetishization in male homosexual than in female heterosexual peer groups. I think. It certainly doesn’t stimulate me, it annoys me deeply. Maybe I am just an exception to the rule. If women in commercials are treated like sexual objects, it certainly doesn’t help to just do the same to men. And neither is it revolutionary. Grrrrr.

EDIT: It’s not even a proper turning around of the rules of the game. Just hover over the buttons with your mouse, and what you’ll here is the moaning of a _Female_ – now what is that supposed to do to a heterosexual female audience? But I’m sure the undoubtedly male creative director of the bunch who created this enjoyed this a lot.


EDIT: OH NO! IT GETS WORSE! The next one seeking to take over from the naked chef are THE PLUMBER (THE pornography regular, mal eben ein Rohr verlegen), the FIREMAN who got your PUSSYCAT down from the three, and the PLUMBER who has finished TRIMMING YOUR BUSHES:

Time to say good bye, pt. 1

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I cleared out my old office yesterday – my almost ex-department has to move to new rooms anyway, and while my last day at work is still two weeks ahead, I am now all set to leave any time. Two pictures to celebrate the occasion:

The first batch of bachelors of media design who graduated last Friday did this – the “F” on this monumental sign post is supposed to designate the building, but they turned it into a tomb stone. This has been hanging there for a week now but nobody notices – and I would be the last one to intervene with this intervention. They had also attached a rose and a R.I.P. plate, but those fell off.


And that’s me as posing as trolley lady salvaging my belongings:


I already said good-bye to Greg who is going on vacation to the U.K. on Monday. Have a good and happy journey, and don’t forget what you’ve promised to do!

Matthias Horx ĂĽber den “Kampf der Geschlechter”

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Die österreichische Jobplan-Initiative hat dieses Interview mit dem Zukunftsforscher Matthias Horx durchgefĂĽhrt – ein angenehm intelligentes Statement zur deutschsprachigen Geburtenratendiskussion. Stichworte: Wissensgesellschaft, Hochbildung, Verantwortung der Unternehmen, Mutterwahn, Kinderlosigkeit, Kinderkrippen, etc. pp.

Beckett’s Power

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An estimated 15 years ago I saw Beckett’s “Quadrat I” and “Quadrat II” on German television – accidentally, and it was broadcast very late. The name Beckett was not unfamiliar to me; I hadn’t seen or read any of his work, just a few lines from Waiting for Godot which bedazzled me like they should have bedazzled any teenager who doesn’t think that getting a job with an insurance company would be a good idea. When Quadrat started, I had wanted to go to bed, but my eyes were glued to the screen. A sparse minute can be viewed on Youtube.

Quadrat I & II was produced for the SĂĽddeutscher Rundfunk (the Southern German Broadcasting Coporation) in 1981. Two more films of plays directed by Beckett can be found on UBUweb.

Misogynist Hate Bloggers

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I remember that Lenina wrote about hate bloggers quite a while ago who were stalking a female blogger – stalking her in the virtual sphere, but a a death threat via comment spam is still a death threat! Over the past days, I have also received hate comments which used the typical rhetoric of the misogynist, e.g. “heavy flow day, sweetie”, on other occasions comparing me with a plant/vegetable.

Don’t forget, misogynist prankster calling yourself Jerry, that I am in control of the buttons here. Also, I have your IP logged and can narrow you down to one specific US campus. Better think twice before mistaking the blogosphere as an outlet for your inferiority complexes.

A nice resource for them learners of English

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…is One Word a Day. After signing up, they’ll send you one word a day the meaning of which you have to guess from three options. You can look up the solution in you email (i.e. don’t need a web browser) or you can listen to it online (on their website). You can also make recommendations – I think two years ago after having watched “First Blood” (Rambo in German) I suggested “war of attrition” – which finally made it into the league of word’s of the day today 🙂

Etymology: from around the 15th century. The original meaning referred
to rubbing away by friction and was borrowed from the Latin attritio and
from attritus, the past participle of atterere, meaning to rub against.
(The Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology)

Attrition is used in a variety of contexts to denote something that is
gradually being reduced or weakened. It’s often applied in situations
where a company wants to reduce its workforce, but without layoffs or
firings. In this context, attrition means as workers leave for new jobs
or retire, their positions are not filled.

Another context is the phrase “war of attrition”, which is a protracted
conflict in which one side attempts to wear down its enemy by
continuously engaging in battle. In the 20th Century, fighting a war of
attrition also came to include attacking enemy civilians and resources,
and not just confining itself to battles between military forces in a
traditional battle setting.

Examples of wars of attrition are World War I, World War II, The Vietnam
War and the 1968 to 1970 struggle between Egypt and Israel, so named the
War of Attrition.

(sources: answers.com)

First Language Attrition would be another important use to add.

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