Nobody knows The Sound of Music in Austria

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That’s one thing that is worth being said over and over again: Americans, Aussies, Brits, when you come to Austria, don’t expect anyone to greet you with a tune from The Sound Of Music on their lips. We don’t know that film or musical over here. There were a couple of German Movies in the 1950s which dealt with the same topic, the adventures of the Trapp family: Die Trapp-Familie with Ruth Leuwerik and Hans Holt (1956, directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner), as well as Die Trapp-Familie in Amerika (same principals, 1958) and the creators of the The Sound of music admitted that this was where they got their inspiration film. The films were incredibly successful in their times, but today, as virtually all Heimatfilme, are experienced as unbearable by most viewers below 60 today. Neither the films nor the musical is true anyway.

This just as addendum – I only learned yesterday that the song My favorite things in the Skoda ad was taken out of the musical.

Locked-in with 80 women

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This is day 4 of the women writers’ forum, and day 2 of our stay in Rheinsberg, Mark Brandenburg. We are residing in an old manion on the first part of the lake, or rather the belt of lakes as their are all connected. Very interesting. It is still apparent that this is a historically challenged region, not only because of the 40 years of being part of the German Democratic Republic. The older houses which you can see here are often teeny-tiny (the mansion and the palace of course are relatively huge) and I can imagine that living here permanentally may be quite suicidal. But I’m here with a mission and the weather is more than gorgeous, so I have no reasons to complain:-)

One thing one could complain about: The Brandenburg session started with 60 one-minute lectures, with each of the writers presenting a teeny-tiny portion of their work. Apart from those regular 60 participants, there are the organizers, all of which published authors, who were scheduled to read in the evening. 8 of them, and 10 minutes for each. But, boy, bitches! The first one hogged the limelight for an incredible 23 minutes, the second one went up to 20 minutes, and both presented work that would have benefitted greatly if they had kept it shorter – essayistic, Joyce-esque writing and semi-automatic poems. Only two of those organizers stayed within the limit of 10 minutes they had imposed upon themselves – the others seemingly had the impression that they deserved more, dragging out the whole event to last 3 instead of the scheduled 2 hours.

Other than that: I left my drama workshop and joined the faction workshop, which was definitely a wise decision, in particular after having witnessed the performance of the lady in charge of drama. More about that later, maybe, gotta rush back to the theatre.

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