3-Dimensional San Francisco in Photographic Detail

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We have all had our Ooh-Aah-moments with Google Earth. We have searched for our parents’ house, had a look at the New York Skyline and probably the Austrian Alps and of course we have all searched for Google Earth oddities at one point. Until the day that we realized that the we’ had gotten used to the third dimension of the world we live in.

Well, the thrill is now back in Google Earth, at least for a short while with Google Maps Street View: The regular Google Map is now enhanced by a feature that offers a three-dimensional photographic view if the environment.

The discourse that surrounds it is nothing new. On the one hand, the entire spiel of searching for places we know is going to repeat itself, followed by the quest for the oddest Streetview Oddity. This is one you’ll come across frequently: a guy pissing against a hedge. Oooh, isn’t that odd! We’ve seen it a million times before, and more often that we could want, but of course we haven’t yet seen it in a map. Also the entire privacy talk is going to repeat itself – I admit myself that I am fed up with it. I have -probably wrongly – accepted that you cannot invent a technology and then try to control it later. You’ve got digital photography, you’ve got 3D animation, you have got interactive maps and you’ve got media mash-ups. If you lump it all together you’ll get something like Google Streetview. Nobody can say they didn’t see it coming.

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