Are you a Google stalker or a Google narcissist?

August 10, 2007 at 1:29 am | Posted in Google | 8 Comments

I am both.

A Google narcissist is someone who does ego-surfing using Google (ego-surfing: to perform an Internet search on one’s own name.)

A Google stalker uses Google to find information about people without telling them. Sometimes (potential) employers behave like Google stalkers.


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  1. I’m probably more narcissist than stalker, though I’ll research someone I’m going to be seeking for professional services, like a therapist, say, or an oral surgeon.

  2. Iam also both. But my thing is, if somebody has put up his/her information on web somewhere to be easily accessed, he/she shouldnt have a problem.

  3. That’s right – although one very often doesn’t find reliable professional information about surgeons and therapists (at least not yet here in Europe), but instead find their holiday pictures (like that Business Week article reported).

  4. Well, with the holiday pictures, I suppose you’d at least know where your money is going. 😉

  5. I am sure Google keeps track of the terms that are Googled – maybe it can tell how many times you have been googled!

  6. I am both.

    But I tell you what I can’t stand.

    It’s when there’s a news item in which someone is accused of the crime of being an internet stalker. And every one just keeps there mouth stum, and says nothing.

    But the truth is that everybody uses the internet to ‘stalk’ others.

  7. Really? I haven’t actually ever read such a news item – and I suppose there are also differences between stalking and stalking.

  8. I am both! I like to check what others are saying about me or how readily info about me is searchable! People should learn that google stalking is commonplace – its how people use the info that should concern us all! I have often googled “stalked” a future employer or colleague in order to understand their achievements and their presence in the community – once upon a time that was called “research”…. maybe the stalkers should become researchers and use it like scientists – report when necessary otherwise keep it as history… pepsisteps xx ps i dont think i will ever not be a google stalker or narcissist – addictive as it is… i am off to google my nickname to see what comes up….

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