The joys of a paper shredder

August 7, 2007 at 8:42 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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Today I bought a paper shredder to help me with the elimination of myself and the traces of me in the West of Austria. Paper shredders – aaah! What a delight. Those kindred spirits who onece have been (or still are) forced to toil in an office know that this is the vey best part about it.

While my shredder isn’t quite as powerful as the ones I worked with in the past, it still offers very similar pleasures. I could sit next to hit for hours, tearing up documents, constantly looking for more things to shred. It must in a way claim a similar space in my internal cultural landscape as the fireside: If you have a chimney and fire in the house, you are also constantly looking for more things you can burn.

Difficulty is not to become to greedy. It took me just three minutes to cause the first paper jam. Should have known better – it cost only 15 Euros and it said on the packaging that it would only take five sheets of paper at a time. Nonetheless, what a joy!

I would also like to say hello to the other kindred spirit who came to this blog yesterday, looking for Quetschekuche mit Schmand (although I thought I had de-activated search engine browsing, there are still a couple of people trickling in).

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