Back – with an apartment and no job

July 3, 2007 at 1:10 pm | Posted in job search, jobs, knowledge management, Vienna | 6 Comments
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It looks like I found us an apartment in the 9th district in Vienna – one bedroom, living, kitchen, loo (the shower is in the kitchen) – and it pretty much epitomizes the essence of Viennese apartments. Viennese apartments for people with not so much money to squander some might say, but also with the things that I have always dreamed of when it came to apartments: old building, double doors, high ceilings, wooden floor, tiled stove, with a view of the Danube channel and green trees in the courtyard:-)

The job search wasn’t quite was successful, i.e. I think I could get the job, and the job itself is wonderful, but…. hardly any pay. 1000 € after taxes for 40 hours of work a week, and they are looking for someone on a long term basis. The person now doing the job has worked in it for 20 years. It’s a position in an archive, and there actually is heavy duty knowledge management involved, even though the directors of that place are probably not looking at it that way. Can’t have a knowledge manager for 1000 – and I don’t think I want to live on that amount for the next 5-10 years. I could, of course, I haven’t lost my ability to scrimp and squeeze, and I am willing to do that for another year or two, but not 5 to 10 years.

So there goes my dream job:-(


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  1. if you were successful – why not just do it for 2 years or so? Surely they can’t put into your contract that you have to commit to 5-10 years!

    I was in my job (the one I’m about to leave) for 5 years, and this is a long time and apparently highly unusual. I think I’d like to stay in my new one for a similar period, as I quite like the longevity.

    1 year is too short though.

  2. I agree–who don’t you give it a shot for a while and continue job hunting during that time? As far as I understand it, the job you are describing might even look good on your cv and increase your chances at getting something (financially) better in a few years, no?

  3. I’m already far beyond any ‘looking-good-on-your-cv’ considerations. And it’s really the kind of job where a sudden change of staff would have detrimental effects – I’m not going to do that to them (it’s a museum). Also: My unemployment money would be higher than what they’d be paying. I’d hate the feeling of being underpaid.

    So: No way!

  4. 1000 Euros after taxes doesnt seem much..I think you had valid reasons for not accepting the offer..
    Good luck with the search…So, what will you be doing till then? Vienna must be really nice nowadays..

  5. Heye Jana,

    Found it interesting that u have a shower in the kitchen!!! Boy! Have never heard of it… So, what r u expected to do? As in… shower while u r cooking… do send me a pic of that area… m damn curious… 🙂

    And good luck lady, in finding a new job… u have been courageous in leaving ur last job… Heres wishing yu find something u always dreamt of doing… 🙂

  6. Well, I know at least three people who have a shower in their kitchen;-) It’s typically found in those very old building which high ceilings which you can find in the bigger cities (if they weren’t bombed out too badly in WW2). YOu have relatively big rooms, and a loo in the hall. Of course nobody thought of having separate bathrooms and showers at the time. So the good thing about my apartment is that the loo is NOT in the hall, but in a tiny cabinet in the apartment. Yet no room for a shower – hence people put up tiny portable showers in kitchens. Cannot shower while having guests of course:-)

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