Update: News from the Application Dreadmill*

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Last week: 1 application sent out, no rejections, no invitations
This week: 5 applications sent out, 1 rejection, no invitations


*) The correct spelling is treadmill. The first time I used the word dreadmill it was both a mistake and a Freudian slip; ‘dread’ is a strong feeling of fear or worry 🙂

treadmill, n.
1 [S] any type of repeated work which is boring and tiring and seems to have no positive effect and no end:
There were days when child-rearing seemed like an endless treadmill of feeding, washing and nappy-changing.

2 [C] an exercise machine which consists of a moving strip or two step-like parts on which you walk without moving forward

3 [C] a wide wheel turned by the weight of people climbing on steps around its edge, used in the past to provide power for machines or, more usually, as a punishment for prisoners

Rejection letter #15

August 24, 2007 at 12:53 am | Posted in job search, rejection | 4 Comments

…came yesterday. I am now going to enhance my strategy – I sent the guy who sent me the rejection mail another one in which I asked him for just a few key words as to why it didn’t match for him. Let’s see if he is going to reply.

Yay! First Invitation!

August 21, 2007 at 12:01 am | Posted in job search | 2 Comments

I am going to have my first (actually: second, but I invited myself on the first one) job interview on Friday! It feels damn good to be invited – if I manage to keep up the ratio of roughly 1 invitation in 20 applications, I should be able to defy job search depression.

When opening your mailbox inflicts fear upon you

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The one thing I DON’t like about the times when one is looking for a job is that opening your mailbox is always some kind of a lottery. If someone is interested in inviting you for an interview they are going to call you anyway, but if you get an email from them, you can almost be certain that it’s a rejection.

No mails for me today:-)

Job Search: First third of August Wrap-Up

August 11, 2007 at 6:48 am | Posted in job search | 3 Comments

Between August 1 and August 10 I wrote 7 applications and received 5 emails of rejection (partly in response to applications written before August 1).

Good old Austrian AMS!

July 6, 2007 at 4:05 pm | Posted in Job, job search, jobs | 4 Comments

Yesterday I received a notification from the the Austrian AMS (Arbeitsmarktservice – the state owned employment agency) that they had a job for me – I was delighted of course! A month ago I had announced to them that I was facing unemployment in September and one job a month sounds halfway decent. Also, they had already put down in their books that I am about to move to Vienna – although I mentioned only in a comment that I was going to move. That transaction alone is admirable – I doubt that a German agency would have been able to perform such a high level mental activity.

When I had a closer look at the job description, however, I was soon disappointed. Yes, it was reasonable sounding position, namely that of an online editor. Bad thing was that I had already applied with this agency – half a year earlier, but they never got back to me. Also, they constantly seem to have about six to seven positions on offer, which I find highly suspicious. They’re probably only advertising them to make their clients and competitors believe that they are prospering – a common practice among advertising agencies.

I sent them my application anyway, with a reminder to PLEASE PLEASE let the AMS know that I applied, and that I would have to starve if they didn’t. I hope that THAT is going to make them reply and at least say NO. I think it’s highly indecent not to get back to you at all (but again a common practice).

Conference marathon

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Right now I am attending the third convention / conference since 9 June, but luckily this time at he place where I work. I gave a poster session on combining Problem Based Learning with Content and Language Integrated Learning. The session wasn’t ‘over-attended’, but considerably well-received. Some colleagues of mine also were so kind as to hook me up with a few people from Vienna who might in the long run be able to offer jobs (that was the idea of my colleagues) – but I’m not terribly comfortable with being introduced as a job-seeker. In particular not because I am not sooo sure (as you might have noticed) whether I would like to stay in the teaching profession. I’d definitely like to do something with all the materials I have developed. Yet what that could be is still to be defined.

Back – with an apartment and no job

July 3, 2007 at 1:10 pm | Posted in job search, jobs, knowledge management, Vienna | 6 Comments
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It looks like I found us an apartment in the 9th district in Vienna – one bedroom, living, kitchen, loo (the shower is in the kitchen) – and it pretty much epitomizes the essence of Viennese apartments. Viennese apartments for people with not so much money to squander some might say, but also with the things that I have always dreamed of when it came to apartments: old building, double doors, high ceilings, wooden floor, tiled stove, with a view of the Danube channel and green trees in the courtyard:-)

The job search wasn’t quite was successful, i.e. I think I could get the job, and the job itself is wonderful, but…. hardly any pay. 1000 € after taxes for 40 hours of work a week, and they are looking for someone on a long term basis. The person now doing the job has worked in it for 20 years. It’s a position in an archive, and there actually is heavy duty knowledge management involved, even though the directors of that place are probably not looking at it that way. Can’t have a knowledge manager for 1000 – and I don’t think I want to live on that amount for the next 5-10 years. I could, of course, I haven’t lost my ability to scrimp and squeeze, and I am willing to do that for another year or two, but not 5 to 10 years.

So there goes my dream job:-(

Job Search = Alienation

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So I am currently in the process of reading many many job ads, applying for some, dismissing the most and generally in the process of developing a grudge against capitalism. I don’t think I’d be happy in any of the jobs that I have had a look at so far if it were full time and I getting a acute sense of what ALIENATION really means. Who, seriously, can develop a passion for direct marketing? I am deliberatly choosing this topic because I used to work in direct marketing and customer relationship management – and one part of me thinks that I could do it again and probably even enjoy it. But the other part thinks that I could only do that if I SOLD MY SOUL another time. It’s so annoying: to think that you would have to buy into capitalism first before being able to work in the majority of office jobs that are available. Who could ever be passionate about selling things? Who could be passionate about working in advertising – of course it is VERY easy to be VERY passionate about advertising, at the very moment that you realize the POWER that advertising (and as such: YOU) has over people. But it’s alienating, alienating, alienating.

Český sen (Czech dream) is a fantastic movie from the alienation department: It’s the final year project of two Czech film students. Together with an advertising agency they developed a campaing to market a new supermarket – that actually doesn’t exist. They interview families,pretending to be looking for the Český sen family, and it’s painful to see people confess in front of the camera what shopping means to them. The bit below shows the final 10 minutes: The public is invited to a grand opening, only to find that the supermarket itself is well a kilometre away from the parking lot where they have convened. So they’re already grumpy when approaching the supermarket – only to find out, once arrived, that it’s nothing but a facade. Fantastic!

Here are some of the trailers for the fake supermarket that were broadcast on Czech TV:

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