Webvideo Explosion Kills the PhD Student

March 2, 2008 at 10:00 am | Posted in PhD, Web 2.0 | 1 Comment
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Sorry for the lame title. I’ve just experienced a rather dull moment of disillusionment..

For my PhD thesis I am currently doing research on web videos in collaborative environments – it’s the narrative and visual layer I am most interested in. One of the things I am currently doing to establish my own body of research is downloading and referencing the Top 10 movies in the Viral Video Chart twice a week; I plan to do this for at least half year. Of course I am aware that this covers only ONE aspect of the narrative strategies at work – there are so many micro-niches on the web 2.0 that it would be silly to assume that a chart of the most popular movies would take you to the heart of things…

Having said that… this morning I signed up for Bebo and felt a sudden pang of despair when I realized the dimensions of the Bebo video universe… it is going to be IMPOSSIBLE to cover each and everything that is going on at the moment, so many things will inevitably elude me. I’d literally have to have my own collaborative platform and invite other researchers to help map the field to do any web 2.0 phenomenon justice… One thing that I am really grateful for is the ROCKETBOOM – Know Your Meme Series – it’s more anecdotal than critical, but at least I don’t have to download each and everything myself now 🙂

Ultra Kawaii

Sigh… even though, I think I’ll be able to use to use some of the things I found this morning for my presentation in Weimar in (arf!) two weeks, which is going to focus on cuteness on the web, e.g. the Ultra Kawaii Channel on Bebo 🙂

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