Carnival Photo Report, Pt. 6

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Carnival in CologneAnd here is the sixth post that should allow me to clear my holiday backlog. Day six was practically spent on the train – all in all, we spent 26 hours in trains in those six days. 15 hours from Dornburn to Cologne and back, 11 from Cologne to my mom’s place and back. But I was surprisingly productive on the train this time – I managed to grade all the papers I still had in that other backlog:-D I had planned to buy a set of Scrabble to make the journey more interesting, but then forgot about it. I’ve never owned one and only played it once before in my life (with an Italian set and English vocabulary in a German café), but I’ve become a bit obsessed about Triominoes recently and thought another puzzly board game might be good to add variety. One of my secret reasons to play Triomonoes is to restore my decrepit capabilities in maths. Calculators haven’t done me good, and when calculating grades I let Excel do all the work (safer for me, I suppose;-)

Carnival in Cologne But neither did we have a set of Triominoes on board, so all that we could play in the end was Hangman. We played until we felt sick about playing, guessing words such as T_A_R_A_ (a killer;-) and _D_R_E_I_B_R_U_E_S_T_I_G_E_ H_U_R_E_ P_O_S_E_I_D_O_N_S_ (three-breasted whore of Poseidon – we’re not really that creative or decadent, this just happened to become a code word for Triominoes.) I’ve always wondered how it is possible that repeated mental actions, once they’ve become boring, can make you sick, but they really do (or make me sick anyway). I cannot remember something similar happening with repetitive physical actions, such as cracking crabs or nuts – but maybe assembly line workers have such moments during their work… cracking nuts must be in the genes of us former hunters and gatherers, but assembling auto parts? I doubt it….

And at good last, this post really has nothing to do with carnival, only that it marks the day that I returned from carnival…

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