Life’s a to-do-list

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Again today I am lacking the inspiration for a blog post. There are many many things on my to do list today – some of which are related to the fact that I submitted a proposal for a doctoral thesis yesterday. I am now looking for ways to fund myself – either as being self-employed or by taking on a part-time position (one may not work more than 20 hours a week to be able to enroll as a doctoral student in Austria – but thankfully, and as of January 2008, one may simultaneously receive unemployment benefits and pursue one’s studies).

EDIT: It seems as if this 20 hour rule does not apply in Austria, it’s a Germany thing (where there are special types of contracts and tax models for students).

Practical part of training phase commences today

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And I have got so many things on my to do list, it’s frightening. It doesn’t even include the professional chores yet! Urgh.

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