CAUTION! Virus on 90-day-Jane?!?

February 13, 2008 at 9:58 pm | Posted in Blogging | 12 Comments
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Folks, be careful! Everyone is rushing to the new 90-day-Jane page, which seemed to replace the first 90dayJane page. BUT: There is an unknown executable program, potentially a virus lurking behind what seems to be the link to Jane’s Dress-for-the-Big-Day video. The first Jane’s original video on Youtube has disappeared – removed by the user. So why should there be a link to it on a new blog?

If you click the you Youtube still image, this is what you get:

Virus on 90-day-Jane

I am on a Mac, so this can’t affect me…. but Windows user beware, no Youtube link would normally launch an exe – which means: virus alert! Could it be that the person hiding behind the new is not the same person that launched – but someone with even worse intentions?

The original Jane had announced to be setting up something new at if Blogspot canceled her account. She then canceled it herself, but the redirect from to is still active – which only supports the fact that the new blog, i.e. was started by someone else.

I have hence removed all links to the site, if you want to go there you need to type in the URL manually, at you own risk.

Here is a recap of what has happened so far.

Update! We have a meme! Say hello to 90 Day Tania which is a spoof, rather than a fake:-) Also, they’re hosting a virus free copy of the original blog, in case you’d like to have a look at what it was like.


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