Stupid Things People Do if Their Cellphone Has a Camera, Pt. 1

May 3, 2007 at 3:11 pm | Posted in Fun, Funny, Life | Leave a comment
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If an unexpected public holiday leaves you with too much time on your hands, this is what might become of it. I’d like to call this photograph:

The roller coaster ride from hell

Herb had an evil midget growing on his neck.
Camera Play

Attack of the killer wookie
Camera Play

When Herb’s dream of growing a mustache came true, he wasn’t so sure about his dream anymore.
Camera Play

“That’s right, Bob Marley is my hero, how do you know?”
Camera Play

F***ing February is too short! 3/40

February 23, 2007 at 1:46 pm | Posted in Food, Lent, Teaching English | 3 Comments

I’ve just realized with a mild shock that February is almost over. No wonder with its measly 28 days. Bad news is that my teaching starts again in a week from now, while I assumed it to start in two weeks! There goes my weekend:-( On top of that, I am planning to revise my Creative Writing Course to integrate Problem-Based Learning element (for the input sessions) and to teach a course on Digital Story Telling for the first time. Oh no! Helluva lot of work waiting for me that needs to be done in too little time – and we only just finished the grades for last semester!

LentMy temporary absentmindedness almost caused my Lent plan to break down! I prepared rice with pepper and garlic in my rice cooker. Because it comes out very hot (and to add some taste) I wanted to pour Balsamico bianco (white vinegar) over the dish – and instead grabbed the bottle of concentrated pear-mint juice! I shoved one bite into my mouth before I realized my mistake… and there went my carefully prepared meal:-(

But I swear I didn’t swallow!

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