Conference marathon

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Right now I am attending the third convention / conference since 9 June, but luckily this time at he place where I work. I gave a poster session on combining Problem Based Learning with Content and Language Integrated Learning. The session wasn’t ‘over-attended’, but considerably well-received. Some colleagues of mine also were so kind as to hook me up with a few people from Vienna who might in the long run be able to offer jobs (that was the idea of my colleagues) – but I’m not terribly comfortable with being introduced as a job-seeker. In particular not because I am not sooo sure (as you might have noticed) whether I would like to stay in the teaching profession. I’d definitely like to do something with all the materials I have developed. Yet what that could be is still to be defined.

The oddest line I ever searched on the internet

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…and found is “mummy, oh daddy, let’s all play kabbadi“. It’s a line from one of my favourite TV series, SPACED, created by Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson, and I also just learned what Kabbadi – actually Kabaddi is: A field game that’s played in particular in the Punjab. Here’s an excerpt from Spaced, not about Kabaddi, but about Paintball:

But Kabaddi seems to be an odd game! I would like to see a game of that. Here is how Wikipeda describes the rules:

The teams take turns sending a “raider” across to the opposite team’s half, where the goal is to tag or wrestle (“capture”) members of the opposite team before returning to the home half. Tagged members are “out” and are sent off the field. Traditionally, the raider was not allowed to take a breath during the raid, and had to prove this by constantly chanting (called ‘cant’ or ‘dak’) during the raid. The chant-word is kabaddi in India and Pakistan, hađuđu in Bangladesh, do-do in Nepal, guddu in Sri Lanka, chado-guddo in Malaysia, Zoo in Iran, and techib in Indonesia.

Cool, ha? And that is what it looks like – athletic young men in their underwear wrestling with each other – I’d prefer that to a cat fight any time! Couldn’t this be the new beach volleyball?


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