My first exclusive reading

June 25, 2007 at 10:35 am | Posted in Friends, Literature | 5 Comments
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Yesterday my first exclusive*) reading took place, organized by two friends and colleagues of mine. If these friends didn’t exist, and had I not mentioned the fact that I write to them, then I doubt that I would ever have submitted anything to a writing competition. I would not have been invited to Berlin and Brandenburg and of course the reading would not have taken place either. Thank you again, Susanne and Greg, for making this possible! I’m a very happy bunny right now:-)

Happybunny Happybunny Happybunny Happybunny Happybunny Happybunny Happybunny Happybunny Happybunny

I read the piece that I had submitted to the writing competition and another one, a new one. I was nervous only for seconds, and then found it surprisingly easy to read to this audience of approximately 20-25 people. Putting on the author’s persona was facile, it was so easy that I even managed to entertain the audience in the break between the two pieces that I read. But the best part was the feedback I got from the audience after the reading, the personal feedback, the many encouraging words I received that asked me to keep writing, the thoughts that people offered about the texts and what they had stirred in them. Yes, I am really determined to turn at least one of these pieces into a novel soon:-)

*) Exclusive in the sense of: nobody else was reading, and the people that came had come because they had received an invitation with my name and face on it.

No more interest

June 4, 2007 at 8:43 am | Posted in Blogging, Literature | 7 Comments
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So it happened. I am suddenly no more interested in blogging. This has a lot to do with the lack of a computer and working internet connection at home of course. It happens just like that. But today my new computer is supposed to arrive – let’s see whether this changes anything. I hope they deliver it to me in person – I am always conscious about things disappearing in this place that pretends to be a university. Other than that: No news yet from the museum guy – but who’d expect that really (it’s a hope nonetheless). Tired today because I read until half past three both last night and the night before. I’ve been noticing for a while now that I seem to be able to read again, and in particular: read fast. Although: It was a 600 pages novel by Olivia Goldsmith – authof of The first wives club who died from complications from plastic surgery, my God, what a way to die (in particular since the book I read, Bestseller, was among other things about a face-lifted women’s novels writer, and she didn’t make her look good) – meaning that my newly retrieved ability to focus on the printed word extends only to things that I do NOT HAVE to read, for either study or work – the problem started around 2001 I think, when reading became de riguer for finishing my degree. I am actually almost addicted to reading right now, and willing to read ANYTHING I can lay my hands on. On Friday, I bought, seven books on the flea market, for one Euro each.

_a Henning Mankell, return of the dancing instructor or something like that (which I gave to one of the cleaning ladies right I way – I have an allergy towards bookclub hardcovers; but surprisingly not to cheap paperbacks of slush).
_the mentioned Olivia Goldsmith (in English)
_D.H. Lawrence: Women in Love (in English)
_a Knut Hamsun
_a book by Loriot, ‘little prose’
_a non-fiction book about Jewish belief and religion
_and Karl May‘s Der Schut:-)

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