Slavoj Žižek’s wives

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Renata SaleclAnd there goes another post triggered by my recent quest to explore the public persona of Slavoj Žižek. I’ll stay comfortably on the surface of things, like a tabloid, to leave the rest to your own imagination. I can’t come up with a coherent story about Žižek’s wives, I couldn’t even find out whether he was married two or three times. What difference would it make anyway? According to Wikipedia, he married the second time in 2004, according to Rebecca Mead in The New Yorker, he was already divorced twice in 2003.

The top right image shows his first or second wife Renata Salecl, Professor at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Law Institute of Criminology, Centennial Professor at the department of law at the London School of Economics and a visiting scholar to various institutions (Duke University, Berliner Wissenschaftskolleg, New School for Social Research, to name a few). She has written and co-edited a number of publications, alone and with Žižek, and she is very attractive.

In 2004, Žižek, the psycoanalytic philosopher, married a woman by the name of Analia Hounie (sorry, couldn’t keep the emphasis to myself), who is also very attractive, yet in a different way (see pictures). She is a (then) 26-year old model from Argentina, and according to some “the daughter of a major Lacanian thinker and a very serious scholar herself” [I-Cite].

Ruflan via K-Punk writes about her as “Zizek’s new adquisition: the intellectual model”:

Someone was wondering if she’s a genius or something like that. Well, she is. And she is not.
She is: she’s a literature student and she married Zizek. (eeek) anyway, when the old man dies he’ll leave her a really important book collection.
She is not: i’m actually a literature student and the thing is i got to be sitting with her in the same class room several times. Legally blonde.

Zizek WeddingSee how a story is beginning to form in your head? No further comment from my side… I do, however, not want to withhold the wedding photograph from you, also courtesy I-Cite, with which she raised the question:

“Is tabloid coverage good for materialist, psychoanalytic, philosophy?”

Read the comments on I-Cite’s blog, they are entertaining.

(EDIT: Word on the street has it Žižek has already divorced Houni and hooked up with a blonde Harvard student – 2009-05-16)

Slavoj Žižek: Love is Evil

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Posting just this cliplet featuring maverick philosopher Slavoj Žižek probably means to discuss him (or whatever he stands for) out of context – but it might be fair if one considers how difficult it is to stay up to scratch with his thinking. I suppose that I don’t really understand any of Žižek’s theories. And even worse, the main reason for that might be that I don’t WANT to understand or think of psychoanalytic theory as anything more than a metaphore (even if it is of the Lacanian denomination). But Žižek is certainly entertaining, I have to give him that.

So even if I fail doing Žižek justice, this piece is still good for explaining why I am fascinated with the public persona Žižek, and at the same time sceptical regarding his coherence as a theoretician. He’s sharp and quick as silver (and in a way a world wonder in his own right), but I sometimes feel that he is missing out a few tiny logical steps in his argument. I saw him “perform” once in Cologne and also had the feeling then that he sometimes got carried away by his own inclination to hog the limelight when confronting an intellectual crowd.

Lest I forget: Johnny Malmedy posted about this two days ago, but I couldn’t find what he wrote about the sexual act in this video.

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