Two Girls One Cup – a Plot Synopsis

November 25, 2007 at 3:20 pm | Posted in video | 50 Comments
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Jetsam wrote about the web video Two Girls One Cup which stopped him from touching his breakfast. He did, however, not mention what it was about, which of course only fueled my interest. Nasty thing that it seemed to be, I watched some of the youtubed reactions of people watching the video first,*) and then decided I didn’t need this. Don’t underestimate the power of images and what they can do to you.

But I still wanted to know what exactly it was about. I managed to retrieve some plot synopses and later my boyfriend, who was bold enough to watch it, confirmed that they are more or less accurate. Two Girls One Cup is a scat porn movie. The summaries differ a bit, so I’ll post them all:

It’s about 2 girls like making out at first, then 1 girls takes a poop in a cup and then they both start licking at it, then one girls stick her finger down her throat and starts puking it up into the cup, then both girls start eating the vomit poop. [Yahoo Answers]

Disgusting movie on the web. Two girls start licking each others chests, followed by one of the girls filling a pint glass with her own feces. The movie goes on to show BOTH girls licking and sucking at the contents of the cup. Later, one girl has a fine specimen that she squirts out of her mouth a few times before swallowing. THEN the girls start pulling the trigger and puking in each others mouths! WORST MOVIE ON THE WEB! INCONCEIVABLE!!
My ex-girlfriend invited me to a friends’ house to watch what she called ‘Two Girls One Cup’… After watching it I burned all of my things, had my name legally changed, and moved to a new state.

A Video clip circulating the internet that depicts two girls involved in a sex act. Initially looks like a typical piece of girl-on-girl porn until one girl shits in a cup. Both girls then eat from the cup and procede to puke on each other.
After I watched ‘two girls one cup’ I wanted to burn my eyes out with a candle. [Both from Urban dictionary]

If you still think that you need to watch the vid, you need to type in the URL yourself, I won’t link to it:
2 girls 1 cup dot com

*) This one is my favourite 2g1c reaction:

EDIT: Here’s the summary of the next shock video: Two Girls one Finger.

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