The Britney Spears Video from VMAS! (Plus the latest upskirt and bum shots, Britney upskirt again, yes indeed)

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MTV Overdrive has the VMAS 07 video , but only for US users, Germans and Austrians (and probably the rest) can watch Britney’s performance here on Britney caught upskirt again after the VMA? Sadly, it’s true that she has just had another ‘getting out of the car mishap’ – the reasons why this can happen in a custody fight and right after a stage accident like the VMAS are unfathomable. Click to get the full monty (or scroll down for the naked bum):

Britney's crotch, served by Egotastic

And while cabbage and I are having a discussion of whether or not to slap obese people (he says: “That response is misguided. It’s the fault of the system” and I say “That’s right, but they are an easy target for my anger. Have some German bread and think twice.”), I would just like to say one thing:

BRITNEY SPEARS IS NOT OVER-WEIGHT! By far not overweight! She simply has a normal body now, and they couldn’t get the photoshopped one on stage.

And she is also troubled and has seemingly lost the ability to relate to herself or bring together the public response to her personality and the true dimensions of her actions. This is manifest in a psychologically convincing way in her other oops from early September: She forgot to put on the second one of her contact lenses and, once again, her undies:

Britney bare bum

If you ask me: She wanted to dress sexy and, due to her psychological condition, wasn’t able to see that that ‘dress’ was too short and her bum ok for you and me, but not for celebrity paparazzi.

The lame edge of Supersize me

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These days my blog is kinda turning into a movie review blog. Doesn’t matter! I watched Supersize me (USA 2004, directed by Morgan Spurlock) two days ago, again mainly for getting to know what the fuss is all about.

Now that I HAVE seen it, I really wonder whether it was considered a cutting-edge documentary in the US, the country where it was produced? Many of the arguments brought forward seem very unconvincing and beside the point to Europeans – I am thinking in particular of the sequences where Morgan is checking whether any McDonalds has put up the chart with nutritional information. Tey largely haven’t, which seems to cause legal problems, but:

Excuse me, but who needs a chart with nutritional information to know that fast food is crap? (Checking calorie charts alienates you from food and your natural eating habits anyway) How can anybody be eating junk food and then claim ‘McDonalds never told me this is crap’? It’s in its legal aspect where the movie seems to lose its cutting edge. And Morgan’s girlfriend, the vegan chef, was just as annoying. Saying that vegan, organic nutrition is the only good thing you can do to yourself in the nutrition department is just as stupid as going to McDonalds three times a day. It seems as if (some of the US) Americans have really lost every sense for what food is and what to do with it. And that fat teenager who said how inspiring it was to have talked to somebody who lost weight but then said “He says that I should just go and buy a sandwich twice a day, but some people just cannot do that, I cannot do that. It’s just not that easy.”

Makes you wonder – is she too stupid or too poor to buy a sandwich? If she can’t buy one – why not make one at home? And anyhow – that’s just another mindless rule: “Eat sandwiches. Don’t eat carbohydrates. Drink light products.” Alienates you just as well.

Either way: Watching those morbidly obese Americans on their electric shopping carts made me want to slap them! And the only sequence I really enjoyed in the movie was when one guy reported how smokers get harassed with lines like “Don’t you know how harmful that is? You could die right away and kill the ones around you too!” whereas nobody goes out and shouts at a blob: “Look at what you’ve done to your body! Don’t you know that is going to give you a heart attack? And don’t you dare have a desert now!”

Also, how anybody can drink litres and litres of soda is beyond me. Drink water, that’s what nature provided for quenching our thirst. Sodas are desert.

Interesting note: The movie was broadcast on Austrian private channel ATV, and McDonalds had indeed NOT failed to book advertisement with it – they snuck a brief one in at the end of the commercial creak. You hardly noticed what was movie and what was commercial. Supersize me is, after all, branded all over.

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