New Netvibes Release: Ginger!!!

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Those Netvibes people like their spices…. Ginger, the successor to Coriander, has now been released, the new netvibes that allows users to create their own universe (an environment of widgets, feeds and websites) and publish it. Btw, one of their lead developers, Alexander Kirk, telecommutes from Vienna to Paris. He introduced Ginger at the last Barcamp in Vienna.

Perez Unsaid: “Disney Star Manager Is a Child Molester”

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Yes, I admit: Perez Hilton’s Blog is on my list of RSS feeds – and it has taught me a lot about the importance of always publishing publishable content. Here is the situation: As soon as you hit the ‘Publish’ button on your blogging software, feed readers such as Google Reader and Netvibes will begin to index the post you’ve just published. Quite often, however, the published version is not the one you intend to be the final one; I personally tend to apply quite a few changes after publication – I actually only start to proofread once I have published the post.

The obvious disadvantage of this procedure is that, if you’re unlucky, your changes won’t be reflected in the reader’s view of your blog post, because the first draft has already been cached by feed readers. And in the case of Perez Hilton’s blog post about Disney manager Josh Werkman’s pleading no contest (=die Aussage verweigern) to child molestation charges, we note that not not even deleted post will disappear from the feed reader’s radar. Here are two screenshots:

Disney Screen 1

The top one shows a preview of the deleted post on the welcome page. The second one shows that the post whose title was displayed as a preview on the welcome page is actually no longer available.

Disney Screen 2

The good thing about netvibes is that you can switch between a live and a cache mode, by hitting either ‘show website’ or ‘Go back to feed view’. The screen shots above were taken in live mode – after switching to cache mode, I was able to read the post that the Queen himself had already deleted:

Josh Werkman, who manages the star of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Cole and Dylan Sprouse, has plead no contest to misdemeanor child molestation and misdemeanor sale of alcoholic beverage to a minor.

Who does Disney attract all the pervs????

Werkman has served as co-producer on two of Cole and Dylan’s recent movies, The Kings of Appletown and A Modern Twain Story: The Prince and the Pauper. Aside from managing, he is also the CEO is Merimark Entertainment.

On Friday, Werkman entered his plea in Ventura County Superior Court and will be sentenced on Wednesday, April 2.

They better throw the book at him! And it better weigh a lot!

Steve Cron, Werkman’s lawyer, says “Josh admitted he annoyed an individual who is a minor and provided that person with alcohol on the day in question. He acknowledged that he used bad judgment on that occasion and that is why he pleaded no contest to the two charges.”

He “annoyed” a minor???


Sources say that the alleged victim is a 16-year-old male.

The Sprouse twins are not involved in the case, though they’ll probably be looking for a new very manager soon.

[Image via WENN]

Lesson learned: Think twice before you publish, and use the preview feature to proofread your blog post.

Of course this can also be considered a good strategy to leak information that you know you are not supposed to blog about, for political or economic reasons, for instance.


How Many Email Accounts Does One Need? – Plus a Word of Praise for Netvibes

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Today I registered my fifth Gmail account. I am not greedy – I really need all of them. And I’ve got an additional one on GMX that costs me 2 Euros a month and allows me to send text messages/SMS and faxes to Germany.

I use the GMX-account for all things Amazon, Ebay, etc and for the job news letters for which I have subscribed. I am also using it for my “business liaisons”, yet am not quite happy with that. For one, I don’t really like GMX’s look and feel (they are working on an interface with an AJAX-appeal, but even that sucks), and also, this email address has a .de extension which occasionally leads to confusion in Austria, as GMX also offers .at accounts. So I might abandon it at one point.

Then I have got my cherished first Gmail account, which I try to use ONLY for human to human communication, featuring my real name. I don’t want any spam or dead line/business related mail to show up on that one.

This is why I’ve got ANOTHER Gmail account that I use exclusively for registrations on websites that force a registration upon you (e.g. to use their customer support). This one uses a made up name.

I’ve got a third account on Gmail which I use for all my blog related communication needs. It gives away my first name.

Then there is my fourth account which uses a silly name, something like “Getting out of here” that I first used when I was looking for jobs to get out of my previous jobs. I might abandon that one.

And today I finally signed up for my fifth gmail account, which is an inversion of my real name. In Austria, it is (oddly) common to introduce oneself using the last name first: “Hello, I am Smith Julia”. Email addressed are often created following the same logic: Odd, but nobody here finds that bizarre.

This fifth email account I am going to put on a business card (just ordered 250 for free from, so that arbitrary people to whom I’ve given my card can email me, but with my first choice account staying free from business affairs.

The only aspect potentially annoying about Gmail in that respect is that you log in and out of your Google account any time that you change the email acccount. Would be cool if they did something about that, e.g. allowed you to designate a primary account, but I doubt that is going to happen.

Google has become less user-oriented of late, which is particularly manifest in the way they are going about your privacy in Google reader: If you decide to share an item, it is going to be accessible to everyone and their dog who is in your address book. They call the people in your address book “your friends” – who can really have 400+ friends? And what’s next – sharing all your Google documents with your “friends”? that’d be he “Kill Google App”.

That’s why I unsubscribed from my Google reader feeds. I am now using netvibes which also has better microchunking options – they really manage to squeeze all my feeds onto one screen and still it doesn’t look cluttered. You can even export your Google reader feeds and then import them to netvibes. Check it out!

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