Another Social Media Platform: (Relatives)

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At the weekend I signed up for yet another social media platform: which seems to be available in a number of European languages – but I cannot provide the link to the English version now as the main directory seems to be defunct at this very moment. allows you to creative your family tree with just a number of clicks – the application is actually so smooth and smartly running that it lured me into hacking in the names of 34 of my relations, even though I am actually quite apprehensive of social media. Even if you do not sign up for the genealogy feature: The name map tool is also pretty cool – it allows you to see where in German you can find other people with your name.

Absolute distribution of my surname in Germany:
Surname, absolute

Relative distribution:
Surname, relative

Surprise, surprise: My surname is not thaaaat common in the country as a whole, absolutely speaking, but rather popular in the area that I come from originally (I wonder what the difference between relative and absolute distribution might be in this case though; I know it’s individuals vs. percentage, but shouldn’t the result be more or less the same?). Nice and bright – you like?

First picture of Pax Thien Jolie, but on this blog no more

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You’ll have to Google the images yourself, as Time Inc. asked me to remove the IMAGE LINK FROM AND TO THEIR WEBSITE. Quite stupid of them if you think of the amount of traffic that generated and at particularly low costs. In theory, it’s questionable, whether_they_have the rights to Pax’s picture. Does being adopted by a celebrity automatically mean that you lose the rights to your picture? If anybody threatened anyone here, that should be publishers who snatch away a child’s privacy at such a young age. What I wrote was:

Makes you wonder whether being puffy-lipped is a must be for an adoptive child to be added to the Jolie-Pitt brood.

I also wonder why it is so difficult for celebrities to give their children an inconspicuous name (did you know that children with odd names are more likely to develop a neurosis than the Johns and Helens out there?) – or why they cannot just leave the names the way they are, if it’s an adoptive child. Why should Pax better than Pham, or Thien better than Quang?

Let’s hope that Pax is not going to be called Pox one day by one of his playmates.

No more links to any TIME Inc. owned celebrity sites who don’t know f*** about the working of the web.

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