The overwhelming showdown of Logan’s Run

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Sob! I am right now watching Logan’s Run (USA 1976) in the telly (the first time ever that I have more than three TV channels!), and the end is soooo delightful – when the 30year olds consecrated to death finally spot the old man and touch and caress him…. next movie on is Once Were Warriors (new Zealand 1994) – am trying to make up for all the movies I missed in the past three years.

Here are a few fashionable moments from Logan’s Run – lemme know if you find the showdown on youtube ore somewhere!

Werewolf Women of the SS

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The fake trailer directed by Rob Zombie that I missed in the theatre because the Tarantino/Rodriguez double feature was released as two separate films in Europe.

Job Search = Alienation

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So I am currently in the process of reading many many job ads, applying for some, dismissing the most and generally in the process of developing a grudge against capitalism. I don’t think I’d be happy in any of the jobs that I have had a look at so far if it were full time and I getting a acute sense of what ALIENATION really means. Who, seriously, can develop a passion for direct marketing? I am deliberatly choosing this topic because I used to work in direct marketing and customer relationship management – and one part of me thinks that I could do it again and probably even enjoy it. But the other part thinks that I could only do that if I SOLD MY SOUL another time. It’s so annoying: to think that you would have to buy into capitalism first before being able to work in the majority of office jobs that are available. Who could ever be passionate about selling things? Who could be passionate about working in advertising – of course it is VERY easy to be VERY passionate about advertising, at the very moment that you realize the POWER that advertising (and as such: YOU) has over people. But it’s alienating, alienating, alienating.

Český sen (Czech dream) is a fantastic movie from the alienation department: It’s the final year project of two Czech film students. Together with an advertising agency they developed a campaing to market a new supermarket – that actually doesn’t exist. They interview families,pretending to be looking for the Český sen family, and it’s painful to see people confess in front of the camera what shopping means to them. The bit below shows the final 10 minutes: The public is invited to a grand opening, only to find that the supermarket itself is well a kilometre away from the parking lot where they have convened. So they’re already grumpy when approaching the supermarket – only to find out, once arrived, that it’s nothing but a facade. Fantastic!

Here are some of the trailers for the fake supermarket that were broadcast on Czech TV:

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