What to do with such a crime?

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Am completely horrified by this atrocious crime that went on and on and on for 24 years in Lower Austria. I’ll post a link to an English story:

AMSTETTEN, Austria (CNN) — Austrian police believe a 73-year-old man held his daughter captive in his cellar for the past two decades and fathered at least six children with her, according to police and state-run news reports Sunday.

The woman, identified as 42-year-old Elisabeth F., has been missing since 1984 when she was 18 years old, police said at a news conference.

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This makes me so angry!!! I might later regret to have ever said (written) this in public – but this crime makes me think that the pillory isn’t such a bad idea at all. This guy destroyed the lives of eight people: first of all his daughter’s who was abused since she was 11, locked up at 18 and raped and raped and raped again for 24 years – never saw the sunlight! And the child she gave birth to which died, because it wouldn’t have needed care that cannot be found in a dungeon… and the other SIX children she gave birth to, three of which grew up WITHOUT EVER SEEING THE SUN. If this where the middle-ages, and if the pillory existed still, I’d be the first to go there and spit into the face of this monster that is Josef. F. The monster is 73 years old – if one wanted to lock him up just for the amount of year’s he held his daughter captive, once couldn’t because he is probably going to die.

How ironic that this atrocity only ever came to late because the oldest daughter is ILL with a HEREDITARY DISEASE which is the result of the incest, and of which she is probably going to die now (still hospitalized).

UPDATE: A surname is mentioned on the ORF website – an “accidental” leak? I am watching the press conference right now, but they don’t mention his surname.

Wer ist Josef Fritzl, der seine Tochter in einem Kellerverlies gefangen gehalten, sexuell missbraucht und sechsmal geschwängert haben soll? Der 73-Jährige dürfte ein raffiniertes und glaubwürdiges Doppelleben geführt haben. [Source]

Monster Josef F.

Go watch “Cloverfield” (this is an order)!

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If you haven’t done so already: You need need need need need to watch Cloverfield – not so much because of the massive viral marketing hype that accompanied its pre-release phase (there even was a signature drink that almost gave it its name), but because it is pure popcorn-crunching fun. I am not good at watching horror movies, I am particularly wary of films where victims get locked up in the dark with an unknown number of ghouls – but I kind of fancy skyscraper-tall monsters that make the ground move!

Ok, there is a bit of creepy crawly action going on once the survivors enter the tunnel – amazing to what kind of thrilling use one can put night-vision in a camera! A log line for Cloverfield: Godzilla meets Blair Witch meets Alien (the face-hugger) meets 28 Days Later. I won’t even try to provide a plot summary – you don’t need to know more than that. Narrative doesn’t matter, just enjoy what you see and feel.

A friend of mine once said anybody who didn’t like Brokeback Mountain had not heart (which applies to me, apparently) – and if you don’t like Cloverfield, you may have brains, but they are certainly not well connected to your guts and primal fears.

P.S.: The trailer on cloverfielmovie.com is odd – they added some distortion afterwards to give it more of that video tape appeal.

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