And quite incredible: I’ve got a cool traineeship

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Fifteen minutes ago I wrote that I got sacked before I had even started on my new job. While I was style typing the post, I got a phone call from one of the leading Austrian news magazines – I got admitted to their trainee programme as a news editor!!! I won’t earn anything, yet it lasts only six weeks, and there is PLENTY to learn. I had applied with only a vague hope that they’d accept me, mainly because I am already 33, yet wrote a very honest (my boyfriend would call it dramatic) letter of application, in which I discussed that very issue. It’s starting on the 8th of October – isn’t that tremendously cool???

I’ve just lost my new job

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And am actually quite relieved about it. They basically didn’t want to allow me as much holiday as I am entitled to, yet that was just the iceberg’s tip. They made me a fishy proposal and I called the workers’ council to see whether that was all correct. It wasn’t. I told my potential employer so and he said that this wasn’t the way they would go about these things. They are a small firm, after all. I said that holidays were a thing that I thought one should go about thoroughly. We met again to talk this over, or that was the plan. Instead of talking things over, they told me they didn’t think it was a sign of good chemistry if such an issue arose in the first week and that we should not work together. I told them I didn’t think so either and that such an early disagreement rather meant that more conflicts would be lying ahead. Then they sacked me.

Yet comrade Anaj prefers to get sacked if being employed means she would be denied the right to a proper holiday.

And of course comrade Anaj would have wreaked havoc and confusion in that place. She would have told all the other part-time workers to stand up for their rights. They had no choice but sacking me, considering they couldn’t subdue me.

I’ve got a job!

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That is, I have got a job offer – it’s the job I mentioned yesterday. On Friday I am going to see them again, for them to make me an offer. Let’s whether it is going to be worthwhile considering (it will be, if it doesn’t diverge too much from what we discussed on Monday).


I May Have a Job…

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I am just returning from a marvelous job interview, one which probably proves my prior statement that you only have to wait for a job opening that matches exactly your profile. Once again, it is a position for which I feel to have just the right set of skills, although that set of skills is rarely requested: an odd mix of media savviness, being good with words and foreign languages be it as a proof-reader of micro-copy writer, the ability to enjoy solitary fumbling with online media – i.e. deciphering the output of traffic analysis tools – and an informed view on customer relationship management; CRM being something that I secretly enjoy, even though it is SUCH of a thing to be generally despised by humanities people). And: It is a part-time position, with the option to upgrade, AND I may even have the opportunity to bring in some of the things I learned in my English-teacher-years.

In two days I will know more, keep your fingers crossed for me!

Good old Austrian AMS!

July 6, 2007 at 4:05 pm | Posted in Job, job search, jobs | 4 Comments

Yesterday I received a notification from the the Austrian AMS (Arbeitsmarktservice – the state owned employment agency) that they had a job for me – I was delighted of course! A month ago I had announced to them that I was facing unemployment in September and one job a month sounds halfway decent. Also, they had already put down in their books that I am about to move to Vienna – although I mentioned only in a comment that I was going to move. That transaction alone is admirable – I doubt that a German agency would have been able to perform such a high level mental activity.

When I had a closer look at the job description, however, I was soon disappointed. Yes, it was reasonable sounding position, namely that of an online editor. Bad thing was that I had already applied with this agency – half a year earlier, but they never got back to me. Also, they constantly seem to have about six to seven positions on offer, which I find highly suspicious. They’re probably only advertising them to make their clients and competitors believe that they are prospering – a common practice among advertising agencies.

I sent them my application anyway, with a reminder to PLEASE PLEASE let the AMS know that I applied, and that I would have to starve if they didn’t. I hope that THAT is going to make them reply and at least say NO. I think it’s highly indecent not to get back to you at all (but again a common practice).

Fingers crossed

May 31, 2007 at 5:38 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

I just sent a letter of application to a Viennese Museum – it’s a museum that I am very excited about, and it’s not 100% certain whether they have a vacant position or not. A friend recommended me, although he thinks I am OVERQUALIFIED (how I hate that word….) and would be bored to death… if there is a position, it is going to be in their archives, and of course I could see their exhibitions for free…. right now it sounds exactly what I fond… away from the teaching front… intelligent people to surround me… keep your fingers crossed for me!

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