Introducing: Amri Pardo

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Amri PardoIsn’t that cool? Yesterday somebody ended up on this blog who had been looking for my friend Amri Pardo, a very fine musician who has been writing and making music for more than 20 years (although he still looks like he’s barely 30). I don’t know how many songs he has written in his life: 200? 500? More than 1000? He’s definitely the most prolific songwriter I know of. On his myspace page you can download four of his songs for free. Yay! Autopilot is and shall me remain one of my favourite songs. And why he has not made it yet, with so many untalented people hitting the lists, is just another proof of the world’s injustice.

My brother’s photographs 31/40

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In terms of ‘career’ and ‘professional development’, my brother and I couldn’t be any more different. He’s just four years older than me but has been working for the past 19 years in a full time job. I am in my 4.5th year now of working full-time. I’m an English teacher (not justified to call me lecturer, although it says so on my card), he has been employed as cleaning staff for the past 15 years. But the photographs he takes keep amazing me. He has never had any form of training, and you can sometimes see that his take on framing, for instance, is very unconventional. Which contributes to the photos’ fascination. And the collages he comes up with are also absolutely independent. He only had five years of English at school and that was 20 years ago. This notwithstanding, he keeps writing me emails in English and knows how to use the language to describe his pictures. Today I’d just like to present some of the pictures on his flickr portfolio:

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