April 29 is Kelsey Briggs Day (in Oklahoma, but it would be a good thing to have such a day in every country)

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Sniff. I got this video from someone on Facebook, and received it with a warning: “This is a tear jerker”. It is, but should be watched anyway.

As a reminder that one should not look away when one notices signs of abuse (bruises, malnutrition, fractures) in a child (and one must hope that the youth council in charge is not as hesitant as the Youth Council in Bad Herself that I once called – to _absolutely_ no avail; the people there first announced to the family in question that they’d be paying them a visit soon (instead of making an announced visit immediately), and when they still found bruises on the child the left without taking action, feeling satisfied with the explanation that the kid ‘took a tumble’ – just thinking about it makes me so angry all over again…)


Alec Baldwin seems to be a choleric asshole

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…if you judge him by his verbal behaviour – man, the Baldwin-Basingers should invest in an insurance to cover therapy expenses soon, if they haven’t done so already! He threatens his daughter “to straighten your little ass out”, and considering he’s such a public figure, role model function and all, I think he should be sued for inflicting psychological damage to his daughter. Because if he isn’t sued, role model, public figure and all, that would suggest that violence is ACCEPTABLE IF IT HAPPENS IN THE FAMILY. But it is NEVER acceptable!

The voice mail message which you can listen to in the youtube video was probably leaked by Ireland Basinger herself. Good for her! The sickest part of domestic violence is that the victims tend to feel ashamed, keep quiet about it, cover the incident up themselves – one side of my family does not talk to me anymore after I called youth welfare because I had received word that one of the (foster) children in my extended family had been kicked by his father so badly that he could hardly walk anymore. And among those who no longer talk to me are the older sisters of that kid, who themselves had told me earlier and repeatedly that they were beaten up regularly. For instance with shoes, “because I don’t want to get my fingers dirty”, their father allegedly said. SICK, SICK, SICKENING!!!

Btw, Trailerparkbarbbie reports that Don Imus sent a bouquet of flowers to Alec Baldwin… no comment needed.

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