Shilpa Shetty awarded honorary doctorate

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Dr Shilpa Shetty I found the news first on Nova’s blog and then checked out the website of the awarding university itself: Leeds Metropolitan has indeed awarded a doctorate to Shilpa:

Indian film star Shilpa Shetty has been awarded an honorary doctorate in arts by Leeds Metropolitan University as part of Summer Graduation celebrations. Ms Shetty was in Yorkshire for the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) weekend last month and attended the charity cricket match at Headingley Carnegie Stadium.

Shilpa received the Bachelor of Arts award watched by her proud mum.

Director of Student Centred Change at Leeds Met, Joy Kumar introduced Ms Shetty for the award for “making a difference to society and using all her talents to the full.”

Ms Shetty ended by telling her fellow graduands: “In life, do what you would expect other to do; if you see anyone suffering indignity, stand up for them.”

So did she get a doctorate or a bachelor now?

Anyhow: For those who have forgotten: Shilpa rose to television fame in the UK after being bullied by Jade Goody in the last installment of Celebrity Big Brother. She finally emerged from the Big Brother house as the most successful candidate ever.

Btw, Leeds Metropolitan is making itself a name in Austria in particular for offering (seemingly) all universities that are not allowed to have their own PhD programmes a partnership. In Austria, this (i.e. the ones that cannot have their own PhD programmes) includes all Universities of Applied Sciences, and also the Donau Universität Krems who are offering nothing but post-graduate programmes. The latter have recently made a rather dodgy impression for adding a post-graduate certificat in Feng-Shui to their portoflio, and having one of their lecturers claim to have succeeded in teleporting (sorry, linked article is only available in German.

First picture of Pax Thien Jolie, but on this blog no more

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You’ll have to Google the images yourself, as Time Inc. asked me to remove the IMAGE LINK FROM AND TO THEIR WEBSITE. Quite stupid of them if you think of the amount of traffic that generated and at particularly low costs. In theory, it’s questionable, whether_they_have the rights to Pax’s picture. Does being adopted by a celebrity automatically mean that you lose the rights to your picture? If anybody threatened anyone here, that should be publishers who snatch away a child’s privacy at such a young age. What I wrote was:

Makes you wonder whether being puffy-lipped is a must be for an adoptive child to be added to the Jolie-Pitt brood.

I also wonder why it is so difficult for celebrities to give their children an inconspicuous name (did you know that children with odd names are more likely to develop a neurosis than the Johns and Helens out there?) – or why they cannot just leave the names the way they are, if it’s an adoptive child. Why should Pax better than Pham, or Thien better than Quang?

Let’s hope that Pax is not going to be called Pox one day by one of his playmates.

No more links to any TIME Inc. owned celebrity sites who don’t know f*** about the working of the web.

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