Overseeing an IT project is like herding cats

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…is they key message of this video. The bit of language wisdom to be learned by speakers of German: The prase Herding cats is pretty much the equivalent of “Das ist wie einen Sack Flöhe hüten!” (for speakers of English: herding a bag a fleas).

If you could train your cat to use the toilet

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Would you? I came across the Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training Kit – the name pretty much explains it all. So if you could share the toilet with your cat (with the intended side effect being that you could stop buying cat litter, and wouldn’t have to clean the litter boy anymore) – would you?

Neat idea, but: The video below kind of makes me think different. A toilet doesn’t help a cat whose instinct tells her to paw the ground. Also, cats tend to forget to flush! Also, having your cat use the toilet means that you might daily doses of the toxoplasma gondii parasite which is often present in cat faeces into the sewers – not good for marine life, neither for pregnant women!

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The wonderful world of media snacking

November 22, 2007 at 12:57 pm | Posted in Culture | 2 Comments
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Am busy putting together a brief presentation about Media Snacking and Micro learning. The point I am going to make is that Micro learning and Media Snacking is basically the same, but viewed from a different perspective: Media Snackers are considered media junkies, micro learners have the much more positive image of sustainable learners who have developed strategies for informal learning, using new media gadgets and who have learned to cope with the handicap of their short attention span 🙂

In that process I came across this perfectly senseless, yet endearing viral video: The two talking cats, currently #4 in the viral video chart.

The oldest meme on the web: The Hitler Cat

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Just because Jetsam brought up the subject of cats that look like Hitler: Here it is once more (for the first time on this blog) – the essence of a Kitler, a cat that looks like Hitler:

Kitler Hitler Cat

More Kitlers on www.catsthatlooklikehitler.com – although the site’s rather an example of why web 2.0 can only go wrong if it’s done with a web 1.0 mindset: The supposed top ten kitlers hardly look like Hitler at all, but they owners probably were the most relentless ones when it came to hitting the ‘vote’ button.

And this my own post contains a deliberate lie: The Kitler is definitely not the oldest meme or virus on the web. The oldest in the cat department is the Bonsai kitten (btw, what’s the thing with cats and the web anyway?***), and the oldest meme on the web that I know is the good old “End of the Internet”. Does anybody know anything older than that?

***) Check this out! The tags most closely related to ‘meme’ on wordpress are:
* Blogging
* Humor
* Life
* Cats
* Entertainment
* LOLCats
* Personal
* Thoughts
* humour
* Blog


Lolcats and their Flawed Language

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As a an addition to Lenina’s recent txt spk post, it might be worthwhile to have a (brief) look at the I Can Has Cheezburger blog which has been consistently among the top ten blogs in the past weeks. It works as follows: The owner(s) post a picture of a pet, mainly a cat, and add a bubble to it to indicate the ‘thoughts’ of the pet. The thoughts are offered in flawed English, the flaws supposedly representing the inferiorness of the animal to the human. The humans who visit this site, however, seek to come up with even more faulty language, and they assess each other’s comments too. The trashiest or most infantile comments (or those of members who have earned a standing in the group) get the highest ranking of 5 out of 5 cheeseburgers. Lolcats, according to the group’s language, are photographic representations of cats that make you laugh out loud.

Starten a gang

And while I am struggling to suppress an allergic reaction when reading the comments, the ‘lolcats tagged for you convenience’ do make me chuckle:-)

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