Britney Update: K-Fed given 100% custody of kids until further court order

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From now on I’ll refer you to the man Perez Hilton for all your Britney-watching needs. He covers it all.

A Los Angeles judge on Monday took away Britney Spears‘ custody of her two children, Tater Tot and Small Fry.

The former pop star, who the court labeled a frequent and habitual user of drugs and alcohol, must turn over custody of her kids to Kevin Federline by Wednesday.

The children will stay with K-Fed indefinitely, as he has been granted 100% full physical custody of the boys.

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Tater Tot

The Britney Spears Video from VMAS! (Plus the latest upskirt and bum shots, Britney upskirt again, yes indeed)

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MTV Overdrive has the VMAS 07 video , but only for US users, Germans and Austrians (and probably the rest) can watch Britney’s performance here on Britney caught upskirt again after the VMA? Sadly, it’s true that she has just had another ‘getting out of the car mishap’ – the reasons why this can happen in a custody fight and right after a stage accident like the VMAS are unfathomable. Click to get the full monty (or scroll down for the naked bum):

Britney's crotch, served by Egotastic

And while cabbage and I are having a discussion of whether or not to slap obese people (he says: “That response is misguided. It’s the fault of the system” and I say “That’s right, but they are an easy target for my anger. Have some German bread and think twice.”), I would just like to say one thing:

BRITNEY SPEARS IS NOT OVER-WEIGHT! By far not overweight! She simply has a normal body now, and they couldn’t get the photoshopped one on stage.

And she is also troubled and has seemingly lost the ability to relate to herself or bring together the public response to her personality and the true dimensions of her actions. This is manifest in a psychologically convincing way in her other oops from early September: She forgot to put on the second one of her contact lenses and, once again, her undies:

Britney bare bum

If you ask me: She wanted to dress sexy and, due to her psychological condition, wasn’t able to see that that ‘dress’ was too short and her bum ok for you and me, but not for celebrity paparazzi.

Britney’s ass and nipples

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Just for the blog stats: It happened again. While I was away in Berlin and Brandenburg, Ms Spears flashed her flesh once more.

Other than that, I have returned from the women writer’s forum with more inspiration than I can possibly make use of over the next five years. It’s bedazzling. Oooooh. And I don’t seem to be able to pen any of it down. Seems like making it evaporate.

Oops, she did it again: Britney naked (yawn) and the Hoff, hassled

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EDIT: Here’s the latest post with VMA 2007 and the latest upskirt short form right after the event

That woman just can’t keep her clothes on. Photographs have emerged showing Britney Spears pose with a bare chest and flowers to cover her nipples. The upskirt crotch shots were bad enough, the pictures of her bald head that followed only to be topped by the pictures of her bald umbrella attack. And I doubt that caricatures like these will get her any closer to regaining custody of her kids either. Isn’t there anyone in her immediate environment who can help her gain control of her clothes and, more importantly, of her life?

EDIT: Because you asked for it: here is a pic from the latest nipple slip on June 12 2007:

Britney Nipple Slip

It must be really lonely at the top. What surprises me the most is that she (or her management, in case she has a management) does not even seem to try to avoid cameras, no matter which act she gets caught in. Normally such pictures get leaked by someone – even if you lose the right to your picture as a celebrity, that cannot possibly include nude pictures that weren’t intended for circulation. Unless they WERE intended for circulation of course. Maybe Britney should be considered a po-mo artist who celebrates the dispersal of identity. Here’s the video of her latest ‘performance’ in a night club – in full-playback, and the lousiest full-playback I’ve seen in a while (videos from The Sun take a while to load).

The Hoff is a much more reliable celebrity in that respect, with his own daughter leaking a video of him, rolling half-naked on the floor in a state of complete intoxication, trying to eat a burger. Someone should tell her that there is no point in arguing with drunks.

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