Hay fever alarm!

April 14, 2007 at 5:29 pm | Posted in Global Warming | 2 Comments
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I don’t know how you other hay fever people are feeling out there, but I am currently stricken with the earlierst hay fever attack ever. Blimey! It’s only grass that I am allergic too, and the earliest that I ever had to deal with symptoms was towards the end of May. I still haven’t cured the flu I had properly, but the sneeze that’s going on today is certainly no flu. Oh no! Another warm hug from global warning warming.*


*) The second time today that I sneak in this pun first found on Lenina’s blog. I think I need to use the delete function more often. It’s like making conscious use of Freudian slips. Nice:-)

I’m Allergic to Nuts 13/40

March 5, 2007 at 5:25 pm | Posted in Food, Lent | Leave a comment
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Here is one attempt of making the marginalization of children with allergies not quite so dire for them: Buy them a T-Shirt with funky crocodiles that have food allergy too!


Well. I suppose this must be a hit among allergo-parents. At least it offers the illusion of an increased control over the child’s eating habits, extending to the persons in charge of the children. And I suppose it makes sense with children with severe food allergies. But could this imply that child care workers that feed peanut cookies to children wearing food allergy sweaters will be liable to prosecution in the near future?

“The child was correctly labeled, ma’am.”

But what if children that DON’t have allergies begin wearing these shirts because they think they’re cool? Would that be o.k.? What if somebody demanded that the label attached to a person by virtue of the shirt he or she is wearing has really to be true? Like “God’s gift to women”? Tssk.

Lent Daily Lent (Day 13): The third week of Lent is beginning soon, but I am not even halfway through it. Don’t regret to have started though, although I am quite obviously craving for sweets. I am not so pleased with my cooking at the moment – yesterday’s carrot potatoe mash wasn’t all convincing (which might have to do with the fact that it is normally served with minced meat). But no doubt about it: If I were a better cook, I would enjoy Lent much more. At least I don’t have any food allergies.

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